Sunday, November 16, 2008

News and Notes - Nov. 14, 2008

Feature Article

Biofuels and Commodity Turbulence

Agriculture, food prices, and ethanol.....

US News

If a Tree Falls in the Forest, Are Biofuels To Blame? It's Not Easy Being Green

Ethanol start-up Mascoma sheds staffers (inc. Its President)

Reaping a new harvest (POET)

Are alternative fuels reliving the 1980s?

EPA Must Propose a Science-Based Fuel Rule That Advances Innovation and Protects the Environment, Groups Say

David C. Aldous to Join Range Fuels as CEO

Canola still a bit player in U.S. Biodiesel

Company introduces dual-auger grain cart for moving corn, cobs or mix for cellulosic ethanol

Obama likely to tackle energy early on

Obama's Energy Department

Is Ethanol Dead? Not So Fast

Getting the Blend Truth: Does Ethanol Hurt Your Car's Performance?

Forget Corn: Mushrooms May Hold Key to Energy Crisis

Understanding land use change and U.S. ethanol expansion: A Report

Pacific Ethanol Q3 loss reaches $54.9M, shares tumble 16 percent

(Algae) Biodiesel plant with Binghamton roots rejects $1M Pennsylvania grant (Could not meet production goals)

Green Plains Renewable Energy, Inc. Announces First Grind at Ethanol Plant Near Obion, Tennessee

Long Corn? Former Iowa Governor In Lead For Agriculture Secretary

The search for alternative aviation fuels: understanding the challenge

Ethanol makers push U.S. to boost fuel blend rate

The Behind-the-Scenes Struggle Over Ethanol

USDA Crops Harvest Estimates

Predicting U.S.-Brazil Ethanol Policy

Researchers push butanol as biofuel answer

Winn Ranger District uses wood for electricity

$40M going into ethanol project (Kinder Morgan pipeline project)

VeraSun forecasts drastically higher 3Q loss

World Ethanol Market to Reach 27.7 Billion Gallons by 2012, According to New Report by Global Industry Analysts

Raven Biofuels and Price BioStock Target Mississippi Site for Cellulosic Ethanol Biorefinery

Raven Biofuels Signs MOU With Kamloops Indian Band for Feedstock and Biorefinery Development

Purdue: More Research Needed To Make Good On Biofuel Promise

IEA Says Fading Oil Production Threatens Supply

Noble Foundation receives funds to study switchgrass

Pickens sees government move on his energy plan soon

Oil Majors Await Obama's Plan

Poet’s first commercial corn cob harvest set for 2009

 Firefighters learn how to strike ethanol fires

The Future of Midlevel Blends

Virent announces new board appointments and future CEO

UI economist predicts agricultural recession

Ethanol producer Aventine Renewable Energy hangs on, hopes for a market turn

International News

Air New Zealand to test biofuel on flight (Dec. 7)

Eight nations warn EU over biofuel barriers

Creating an International Renewable Energy Agency

Thursday, November 6, 2008

News and Notes - Nov. 6, 2008

Feature Article

National Biofuels Action Plan released

The 2008 National Biofuels Action Plan was developed by the interagency Biomass Research and Development Board. The plan seeks to coordinate Federal agency involvement in biomass research and development, demonstrations and implementation.

US News

Critical Bio Mass: Memphis organizations focus on turning green business into greenbacks

With the Grain (Ethanol Grain Producers in Obion County)

Obama to Back Ailing Ethanol Makers, Follow Failed Bush Policy

U.S. biofuels sector sees ally in Obama

How Will Renewables Fare in the New Political Environment?

Changes in Congress related to Ag and Biofuels,_once_USDA_chief,_now_senator/

U.S. Biofuels Industry Ready to Take Off

House farm chief backs higher bio-blend

Bioheat Fires Up Homes in New England

Fluctuating Food Commodity Prices: A Complex Issue With No Easy Answers

The Biofuel Debate: Good, Bad or Too Soon to Tell?

Biofuels Debate: Point, Counterpoint

BIO addresses EPA indirect land use proposal

VeraSun Energy halts 110 Mgy corn ethanol plant in Minnesota “indefinitely”, stock trading halted

J.D. Irving Gets $19.5M In Loans To Make 2 Mills Eco-Friendlier

Pellet plant announced for Georgia

Researchers turn biomass into energy

Fungal diesel could be new fuel source

The Andersons, Inc. Reports Third Quarter Results (Ohio Ethanol Plants)

$18 Million Biodiesel Manufacturing Plant May be Coming to Southwest Kentucky

First Ethanol Distribution Hub Built & Now Operating At Baltimore Facility

International News

China Mobilizes Methanol While the U.S. Remains Mired in Oil (highlights Eastman Chemical in Tennessee)

Oxford University discovers new methanol process

B.C. vitamin maker's ethanol plans on hold

Viaspace Inc. to Commercially Farm Hybrid Grass in China for Animal Feed and Cellulosic Ethanol Production

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

News and Notes - Nov. 4, 2008

Feature Article

Sen. Grassley asks the Grocery Manufacturers Association to lower foods costs since corn prices have declined

Finally! Someone seeks accountability from those who have accused ethanol of being the source of many problems! I am glad to see Sen. Grassley using the GMA’s own figures and quotes to beat them at their own game. I have a slide from a powerpoint presentation hanging in my office. In a typical 18-ounce box of Corn Flakes, there is approximately 12.9 ounces (1.44% of a bushel) of corn. At $3 a bushel, that corn cost 4.3 cents. At $6 a bushel, it costs 8.6 cents. Tell me, how does a box of corn flakes increase 21 cents (Fall 2007) and that entire increase be blamed on ethanol? Hmmm.....does it take oil to produce, harvest, ship, and process the corn?

US News

Presidential Candidate Energy Information – A Comprehensive Look

From a strange brew, cheaper fuel (Mascoma)

The Death of Ethanol: One Thing Wall Street Saw Coming

Don’t Put on the Black Dress The Patient Isn’t Dead

Self-Digesting Plants? - Potential Key to Biofuel Production from Plant Biomass

VeraSun files for Chapter 11 protection

Judge approves VeraSun's rare bankruptcy financing

VeraSun Energy Corp. Receives Commitments For Up to $215 Million in Debtor-In-Possession Financing

VeraSun Indefinitely Delays Startup of 110-MMGY Ethanol Plant in Janesville, MN

Avery Needs to Connect the Dots on Biotech’s Connection to Ethanol

Money, research spur race for algae as fuel source

Florida’s My Dream Fuels aims to plant 900,000 jatropha trees

RFA Comments on August Ethanol Production and Demand

Energy independence an old vow

Schwartznegger cancelled plans to call for Renewable Fuel Standard waiver at 11th hour

Ethanol sourced carbon dioxide and the energy sector: a Biofuels Digest special report

Fuel study also considers pheasants

Cardinal Ethanol starts up (Indiana)

International News

Monsanto to buy Aly Participacoes for $290 million (Brazilian Ethanol Producer)

ADM Forms Joint Venture With Grupo Cabrera to Construct Two Sugarcane Ethanol Processing Complexes

Brazil Ethanol Mills Cancel 22% Of Equipment Orders

Japanese shipping industry set up to handle biofuels sector

Ethanol producers' unworthy heyday finally over

 Oil Creation Theory Challenged by Fuel-Making Fungus

Scientists discover Patagonian diesel that grows on trees

Mission NewEnergy Announces Bio-ethanol Breakthrough

PM refers bio-fuel policy to Pawar panel for a relook (India)

Friday, October 31, 2008

News and Notes - Oct. 31, 2008

US News

Ethanol's environmental advantage over petrol confirmed by US study

Kinder Morgan, Central Florida Pipeline batch ship ethanol
Biomass conversion technology development

Clemson to lead effort to reduce state dependence on oil

Survey Identifies New Media's Influence on Energy & Environmental Reporting: Clean Tech Journalists Unconvinced of US Ability to Reduce Fossil Fuel Use

Falling gas prices could help economy, but will impact ethanol industry

Corn Growers Research Non-Fuel Ethanol Use

Aventine Reports 3rd Quarter Earnings

Wisconsin undergraduate team tackles biofuels challenges

First Biofuel Flight Across America

ACE: Ethanol Continues to Help Cut Dependence on Foreign Oil

International News

Energy sapped from Brazilian renewables

Biofuels a potential tool for social development

India, Brazil, South Africa turn their attention to renewables

Grain likely to remain off the biofuels crop list (South Africa)

Kenya sees $500 mln biofuels investment in 2 years

News and Notes - Oct. 30, 2008

Feature Article

VeraSun falls on report bankruptcy filing imminent

One of the nation’s largest ethanol companies is on the brink.

UTBI-related News

DuPont Danisco Cellulosic Ethanol LLC Begins Construction at Demonstration Plant in Vonore, TN (a misleading title for an article that covers the groundbreaking)

US News

Hawaii as clean energy hub for the U.S.?

Cane sorghum latest prospect for creating ethanol or biodiesel

Gevo and ICM Announce Strategic Alliance to Commercialize Next Generation Biofuels and Hydrocarbons

Betting on Biobricks

Study to Determine Better Northeast Grasses for Biofuel

Cobalt Biofuels changes CEOs

International News

The ethics of ethanol: Big Ethanol descends on Africa for land, water, and sympathetic governments

EU biofuel data change angers environmentalists

Biofuels in the European Context: Facts and Uncertainties (A report)

Chinese Alt-Energy Stock Set to Spike

Kiwi company to make algae biofuel

Olive stones could be made into biofuel

Will jatropha invade Mozambique?