Friday, October 31, 2008

News and Notes - Oct. 31, 2008

US News

Ethanol's environmental advantage over petrol confirmed by US study

Kinder Morgan, Central Florida Pipeline batch ship ethanol
Biomass conversion technology development

Clemson to lead effort to reduce state dependence on oil

Survey Identifies New Media's Influence on Energy & Environmental Reporting: Clean Tech Journalists Unconvinced of US Ability to Reduce Fossil Fuel Use

Falling gas prices could help economy, but will impact ethanol industry

Corn Growers Research Non-Fuel Ethanol Use

Aventine Reports 3rd Quarter Earnings

Wisconsin undergraduate team tackles biofuels challenges

First Biofuel Flight Across America

ACE: Ethanol Continues to Help Cut Dependence on Foreign Oil

International News

Energy sapped from Brazilian renewables

Biofuels a potential tool for social development

India, Brazil, South Africa turn their attention to renewables

Grain likely to remain off the biofuels crop list (South Africa)

Kenya sees $500 mln biofuels investment in 2 years

News and Notes - Oct. 30, 2008

Feature Article

VeraSun falls on report bankruptcy filing imminent

One of the nation’s largest ethanol companies is on the brink.

UTBI-related News

DuPont Danisco Cellulosic Ethanol LLC Begins Construction at Demonstration Plant in Vonore, TN (a misleading title for an article that covers the groundbreaking)

US News

Hawaii as clean energy hub for the U.S.?

Cane sorghum latest prospect for creating ethanol or biodiesel

Gevo and ICM Announce Strategic Alliance to Commercialize Next Generation Biofuels and Hydrocarbons

Betting on Biobricks

Study to Determine Better Northeast Grasses for Biofuel

Cobalt Biofuels changes CEOs

International News

The ethics of ethanol: Big Ethanol descends on Africa for land, water, and sympathetic governments

EU biofuel data change angers environmentalists

Biofuels in the European Context: Facts and Uncertainties (A report)

Chinese Alt-Energy Stock Set to Spike

Kiwi company to make algae biofuel

Olive stones could be made into biofuel

Will jatropha invade Mozambique?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

News and Notes - Oct. 29, 2008

Feature Article

Lignol signs DOE cooperative agreement

Lignol has formalized its $30 million agreement with DOE for its Colorado cellulosic ethanol facility.

US News

Scientist: California indirect land use policy bad for biofuels (Bruce Dale)

Protecting soils and producing biofuel with corn stover

Is the Ethanol Industy Failing or Flourishing?

UIUC gets $2M for biofuel infrastructure study,0,3940462.story

Is the Ethanol Boom Over?

Ethanol's Short-Term Bottom

Company wants to plant, harvest plants for electricity in Osceola County (sorghum),0,7346070.story

Ethanol production restarts in Linden (Verasun starts back up after odd shutdown)

Wood Heat Solutions: Community Guide to Biomass Thermal Projects

Wheat an Important Part of Food vs. Fuel Debate as Producers Plant More Corn and Soybean Acres

SMUD Purchases Biomass Energy from Iberdrola (Sacramento purchases 55 MW from Washington biomass cogen plant)

U.S. Representative Jay Inslee Calls Clean Energy "Our Generation's Legacy" at 2008 Algal Biomass Summit{2F99E3CC-841C-4EF7-A247-B6CC512B23D6}&dist=hppr

Auction of F&S Oil's biodiesel plant attracts just one bid

Officials say 23 arrested at ethanol plant

GreenHunter Energy Inc. Acquires L & L Holdings LLC, Including Strategic Facilities and Deepwater Terminals Along Gulf Coast

Tri-Rail to fuel locomotives with biodiesel (FL)

International News

Petrobras signs memoranda of understanding with Portuguese companies

Jatropha’s potential as biofuel crop still being researched

New bio-ethanol sports car

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

News and Notes - Oct. 28, 2008

Feature Article

Ethanol Economics from Ranch to Restaurant

An interesting look at ethanol production, including corn and food prices.

UTBI-related News

UT chief isn't fazed by big budget cuts

Blue Signs Help Motorists Go Green in Tennessee

US News

Xethanol exits cellulosic, moves into methane

Ag secretary: US must keep pushing new energy

New Method Turns Wood into Sugar for Biofuels

Auburn University to use PureVision biomass fractionation

Sorghum could be a practical ethanol source

Will hay be good source for biofuel in the future? Researchers urge thinking through nation’s rush to alternative fuels

Scientists ask EPA to delay indirect land use proposal

NCGA: No Good Science Yet on Assessing Possible Land Use Impacts of Biofuels

Gulf Ethanol Begins Commercial Design Phase for Biomass Preprocessor System

Study Discredits Food-Fuel Linkage

VeraSun's future cloudy

New Analysis Shows Ethanol Co-Products Dramatically Extend Corn Supplies

USDA to Meet Dairy and Meat Companies Over Aid to Ethanol, Rural Companies

CO2 emissions booming, shifting east, researchers report

State switching to 10 percent ethanol

New Illinois Corn Growers Assn. Reports Show Modern Ethanol Industry Has Environmental and Economic Impact Superior to Gasoline

S.D. senators urge more research on ethanol blends

Biofuel flying will take off in three years, says Boeing

POET CEO Jeff Broin: Ethanol Does Not Deserve Blame for High Food Prices

CBOT Corn Review: Climbs On End-Users, US Stocks Support

McCain is in Iowa. No One Bring Up Ethanol

Palin 2012, One For All And All For Ethanol

International News

Brazil ethanol, sugar sector sees hard times ahead

Brazil should give farmers loans for ethanol growth: consultant

French ethanol makers welcome reduction of tax hike

CJP plans for 5 trillion biodiesel tree plantation (jatropha in India)

$174m bio-diesel project in pipeline  (Fiji)

Friday, October 24, 2008

News and Notes - Oct. 24, 2008

Feature Article

New ethanol plant at the ready line (Obion, TN corn plant coming online)

Ethanol Grain Processors of Obion, TN is preparing to begin ethanol production at the $170 million plant. When operating at capacity, the plant will grind 100,000 bushels a day to produce 100,000,000 gallons of ethanol each year.

US News

Americans Increasingly Concerned about Food Prices, U.S. Ethanol Policy, According to The 2008 Hormel Hunger Survey

Ethanol no longer seen as big driver of food price

Ethanol group's PBS protest may reveal industry panic,0,7054199.column

A New OPEC for (Natural) Gas?

Leading Advanced Biofuel Companies, Researchers, Investors Call on Air Resources Board to Reconsider Draft Low Carbon Fuel Regulations (CA)

POET Opens Marion, Ohio Biorefinery

Santee Cooper & Allied Waste Generating 3.2 MW of Bioenergy

Ethanol support irks cattle groups

Pennsylvania experiences delay with B2 mandate

Making The Switch

Surprise: Government Mandates Behind Ethanol ‘Bubble’

Camelina crush plant to go on line this month

Biofuel investors hot for pond scum

Make Your Own Ethanol for $1 Per Gallon with New Microfueler From E-Fuel Corp

'Algae Can Be the Solution' States Vinod Khosla at 2008 Algae Biomass Summit

International News

Lignol and Suncor Sign Cellulosic Ethanol Project Development Agreement

French ethanol makers welcome reduction of tax hike

Biofuels in the Americas: Driving Farmers off Their Lands

Biofuel additive makes pigs fly (Austrailia)

DSM launches U.S. Department of Energy-funded research initiative for second generation biofuels (Netherlands)

Algae Biofuels Challenge (UK)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

News and Notes - Oct. 23, 2008

Feature Article

Ethanol Subsidies: Are They A Plus Or A Minus?

Study shows that ethanol subsidies actually save the US Government money, reducing the amount spent on farm program payments and the market disruption those payments may cause.

US News

Increase in percentage of ethanol promoted

"Superenzymes" Could Streamline Biofuels Refining

Abengoa shuts down temporarily

Reaping new energy – Firm to sell biofuel seeds to farmers (Ceres)

POET Employees Call on Presidential Candidates to Support American Ethanol

Digesting The Termite Digestome: A Way To Make Biofuels?

Switchgrass: A Bioplastic Factory

FUEL starts up Georgia ethanol plant

Which grass is greener? Project identifies Northeast grasses that will fuel bioenergy era

New plant comes on line amid hard times for ethanol

GreenHunter Biofuels LLC Acquires Lease Option for 22 Waterfront Acres in Port Sutton, FL for Biofuels Terminal and Biodiesel Plant

Strategies For Successful Biomass Removal From Forests

Sandia gets $600,000 for biofuels project

Michigan Utility and MTU Join Forces To Study Biomass-powered Electricity

Ethanol Transportation Update: Supply, Demand, and Rail Transportation Continue to Expand

Cong. Flake blasts proposed ethanol bailout

Livestock, meat groups say aid for ethanol producers is unfair

Gulf Coast Energy to Survey Grayville, IL Site for Potential Cellulosic Ethanol Plant

USGC: DDGS Are Equal in Performance and Lower in Cost

Wood Biomass Market Realities Explode Waste Wood Myth

USGC: Mexico Likely To Remain Top DDGS Buyer

Society of Wood Science and Technology (SWST) Position On Use of Woody Biomass for Bioenergy

International News

Government looks at jump-starting biofuel (South Africa)

German govt cuts 2009 biofuels blending target

News and Notes - Oct. 22, 2008

UTBI-Related News

UT, Genera Energy, and Dupont Danisco Cellulosic Ethanol break ground on pilot cellulosic biorefinery (Lamar Alexander comments)

DuPont Accent herbicide to protect switchgrass in Tennessee

Presidential race: Energy, environment key on both sides

US News

University of Florida opens ethanol-fuel production plant,0,7255288.story

Iowa’s Ethanol Plants Create 15 Percent of its Emissions

Alternative Energy Suddenly Faces Headwinds

Credit crunch boost for US Combined Heat and Power

Wood as a power source may be making comeback

Biofuel Makers Push to Boost the Amount of Ethanol Allowed in Gasoline to 20 Percent

Clemson University to build cellulosic pilot plant

Shell quadruples renewable energy project spending

U.S. slow on goals for more, greener biofuel

In Pictures: Eight Promising Alternative Energy Companies

Clean Energy from Biomass Shows Promise (MI);xy=5047780

As oil prices fall, push for alternatives may ease

Cobalt Biofuels Raises $25 Million to Commercialize Next Generation Biofuel — Biobutanol

Fiscal hawks say no new US aid to ethanol makers

MIT recommends steps to slash gasoline use by 2035

Can E. Coli Help Make Biofuel Production More Efficient?

Coskata to Sell Ethanol Product in China

USGC: U.S. Ethanol Production Grows, Increasing Supply Of Livestock Feed

Brasher: Biofuel rules could chill future projects

Alternative Energy: New Sugarcanes To Deliver One-Two Energy Punch

Obama to Declare Carbon Dioxide Dangerous Pollutant

GreenFuel Tech opens algae-growing greenhouse

Residents decry MPCA info on proposed ethanol plant (MN)

International News

China to Miss its 2010 Ethanol Target

Nandan to increase jatropha cultivation (800,000 hectares)

Clear policy lines required for biofuel markets: Browne,28124,24522806-5018001,00.html

India’s economic strength is good news for biofuels, a Biofuels Digest special report’s-economic-strength-is-good-news-for-biofuels-a-biofuels-digest-special-report/

MILENA Green Gas

Saturday, October 11, 2008

News and Notes - Oct. 10, 2008

UTBI-related News

Switchgrass season: Farmers harvest plant that will power Tennessee Biofuels Initiative

Groundbreaking set for Tennessee cellulosic pilot plant

DuPont Danisco Cellulosic Ethanol LLC Sets Up Headquarters in Ithica, IL and Names Members of Management Team

US News

Continuing Resolution Includes $25 Billion in Automakers Loans (and forest hazardous fuels reduction for use in biomass energy)

U.S. Universities: Fertile Ground for Leading Biofuels and Bioenergy Developments

Ethanol could be key to Iowans on the fence (Election 2008)

WASDE: Corn supply increased

IRFA: Iowa E85 Sales in First Half of 2008 Exceed Total 2007 Sales

Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne partner with ExxonMobil

WASDE: More harvested soybean acres boost supply

U.S. ethanol profits stay weak on poor fuel demand

IDEM Says Air Quality will Benefit from Completed Biofuels Corridor

Pratt ethanol plant files for bankruptcy

EERC, Great Plains to produce camelina jet fuel

Ethanol firms cheap, but not cheap enough

Robeson (NC cellulosic) ethanol project advances

The Bailout Bill, Biofuels and You: good news for renewables hidden in the pork

VBV LLC and Its Subsidiaries Approve Merger With Green Plains Renewable Energy, Inc.

Unity Biofuels Developing Self-Blending Ethanol Fuel Dispensers

ARS Scientists Produce Oil From Multiple Crops for Potential Biofuel Production at Pilot Plant in Peoria, IL, and Study Rotation Plans to Include Grasses for Cellulosic Ethanol Productio

Bug-Powered Fuel Cells Could Run on Waste

Venture capital looks to new sources of biofuels

International News

Troubled Times for Tata: a Biofuels Digest special report on India

A new approach to use hydrogen as an alternative fuel source has been discovered

India can't use own biodiesel

Argentina Biodiesel Sector Seeing Exponential Growth

Plant officials say they were 'blindsided' (Collingwood Ontario)

Brazil to have 7 mln more hectares of land for sugarcane production

Govt Partners Chinese Firm for $115m Ethanol Factory (Nigeria)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

News and Notes - Oct. 8, 2008

UTBI-related News

Biofuels Initiative Excites State Expert

Commissioner Nicely: Green Islands Growing In Tennessee

Groundbreaking looms for DuPont Danisco, UT cellulosic ethanol pilot project; corn cobs for first year, then switching to switchgrass

Presidential debate triggers seminars, musical events (UTBI)

DuPont meeting significant 2008 milestones in progressing advanced biofuels

US News

The US Department of Agriculture and Department of Energy jointly released the National Biofuels Action Plan

U.N. Report: Ethanol creating corn and oil price link

Commercial biobutanol operation by 2010, says DuPont

Wood fiber supplies increase, prices decrease

Mandate for biofuels production requires science-based policy and global perspective

Governor’s coalition changes name to focus on biofuels

Ethanol Tariff to Be Discussed in Trade Talks

Effects of Intermediate Ethanol Blendson Legacy Vehicles and Small Non-Road Engines report released by ORNL/NREL

Ethanol companies fall with broader market

Credit crisis has had little direct impact – ADM

NCGA: Economic Stabilization Act Includes Biofuels Incentives, Disaster Relief

New Legislation Includes Incentives for Biomass, Waste-to-Energy

Dynamic Fuels breaks ground on Louisiana plant

Feeding the Future: The Role of the US Ethanol Industry in Food and Feed Production report released

Energy: The Price of Being Green

Poet say removing cobs for fuel helps corn grow

US Chamber Of Commerce: US Should Reconsider Ethanol Tariffs

DOE Awards Novozymes $12.3 Contract to Improve Enzymes for Cellulosic Ethanol Production

Cellulosic ethanol (wood) plant proposed in Colorado

Lignol, Weyerhaeuser explore lignin-based products

Study: Higher ethanol blends don't boost emissions

Alterra turns to fuel additive after biodiesel problems arise

Experts say more research needed to make good on biofuel promise

Interstate 65 Is America's First Biofuels Corridor

Discovering drugs, biofuels in tropical seas

Feds give Poet $76.3 million for biomass plant

Mascoma Corporation Announces $49.5 Million in DOE and State of Michigan Funding for Cellulosic Fuel Facility

KL Process Design Group Goes Public and Changes Name to KL Energy Corp.

ARS Scientists Study Environmentally Friendly Methods to Pretreat Solid Waste and Crop Residue for Cellulosic Ethanol Production

Virginia governor Kaine, ex-governor Allen, to debate energy policy as surrogates for McCain, Obama

International News

EU, Brazil at Odds Over Biofuel Cooperation, Says Official,2144,3687906,00.html

Brazil overtakes US as top destination for investment in biofuels

China's Faltering Oil Appetite

China grim on prospects for climate pact

Infinity, Jamaica strike 25-year deal on cane lands

UK Renewable Fuels Agency First Interim Quarterly Report Shows Biofuels Amount and Carbon Reduction Both Greater Than Targeted

D1 Oils reports progress in slimmed-down energy crop business

Southridge Enterprises Signs Letter of Intent to Acquire Ethanol Plant in Brazil

Indian companies exporting biodiesel

Germany cuts 2009 biodiesel blending target

Thursday, October 2, 2008

News and Notes - Oct. 2, 2008

**Note: Bionews will not be published Friday, Oct. 3 or Monday-Tuesday, Oct. 6-7, 2008**

UTBI-related News

DuPont Biofuels Programs Making Significant Progress With Biobutanol Commercialization and Economic Conversion of Cellulosic Feedstocks for Biofuels

US News

How Washington Cripples The Energy Industry

Scientists on Cellulosic Fuel: Avoid Mistakes Before They Happen

N.Y. Times is wrong says cellulosic industry

Biofuels Center of North Carolina Expands Board of Director

Energy firms would form 'closed-loop' system of power, fuel

EIA: Biomass, biofuels are largest renewable energy source

The 'Clean Coal' Myth

Ethanol Buzz Fuels Planning by Colonial Pipeline Company

Des Moines Ethanol Plant a No-Go

Nova Biosource Fuels Announces Credit Facility Amendment for Its Seneca Biodiesel Refinery

How Biofuels Can Help the UN

University of Illinois Soil Scientist: Best Management Approaches Necessary for Sustainable Cellulosic and Grain-Based Biofuels Production

ICM CEO Dave Vander Griend: To Break Dependence on Foreign Oil, America Needs More Flex-Fuel Cars and More Available Ethanol Blends

Corn tumbles as inventories rise, dollar rallies

King: Tax breaks will boost bailout bill

New Fuels Alliance Blasts Ethanol Lawsuit Filed Today by Tesoro Corporation; Calls Lawsuit Frivolous

Palin not lock step with McCain on energy policy

New Sugarcanes to Deliver One-Two Energy Punch

Pacific Ethanol, VeraSun Energy open to takeover, management says; Pacific CEO says industry needs to consolidate

International News

Ontario won't increase ethanol targets for gas

Brazil’s sugar co-op giant, Copersucar, converts to company; Brazil’s largest producer now aims for 200 percent growth

RWE Innogy announces biomass, biogas plant projects

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

News and Notes - Oct. 1, 2008

Feature Article

Feeding a Cellulosic Ethanol Plant May Be a Tall Order, but It Might Pay Off

A good look from a midwestern economist on the return from cellulosic ethanol.

US News

U.S. will have largest biodiesel market by 2012, research group says

USDA Sees No Sugar-for-Ethanol Sales in FY 2009

Tesoro sues California air quality regulators over ethanol rule

Construction to begin on new ethanol plant (Osage Energy in VA)

Stalled tax relief bill threatens biodiesel, wind

Biomass company, PSNH broker deal (NH)

Record capital again flows to clean tech

VeraSun Energy:Buyout Candidate, If Obama Wins

ARS Research Shows Manure Could be Useful for Syngas Production for Electricity, Heating, and Biofuels

Report Shows Ethanol Efficiency Gains (13% reduction in electricity consumption)

Ronn Motor Co. Begins Research and Development Program to Study More Efficient Use of Ethanol and Hydrogen Blended Fuels in Scorpion™ Hybrid

International News

Cracking wood gently

Jim Jordan & Associates "Global Market Analysis of Fuel Ethanol" Study Assembles Highly Detailed Picture of Ethanol Industry

Brazil's ALL to ship Cosan ethanol to port by rail

French biofuel tax revision threatens jobs –makers

India’s biofuel drive continues despite global economic turmoil’s-biofuel-drive-continues-despite-global-economic-turmoil-a-biofuels-digest-special-report/

Biodiesel breakthrough comes at £13m cost to BP-backed firm

Brazil's ethanol industry attracting outside investment