Thursday, October 23, 2008

News and Notes - Oct. 23, 2008

Feature Article

Ethanol Subsidies: Are They A Plus Or A Minus?

Study shows that ethanol subsidies actually save the US Government money, reducing the amount spent on farm program payments and the market disruption those payments may cause.

US News

Increase in percentage of ethanol promoted

"Superenzymes" Could Streamline Biofuels Refining

Abengoa shuts down temporarily

Reaping new energy – Firm to sell biofuel seeds to farmers (Ceres)

POET Employees Call on Presidential Candidates to Support American Ethanol

Digesting The Termite Digestome: A Way To Make Biofuels?

Switchgrass: A Bioplastic Factory

FUEL starts up Georgia ethanol plant

Which grass is greener? Project identifies Northeast grasses that will fuel bioenergy era

New plant comes on line amid hard times for ethanol

GreenHunter Biofuels LLC Acquires Lease Option for 22 Waterfront Acres in Port Sutton, FL for Biofuels Terminal and Biodiesel Plant

Strategies For Successful Biomass Removal From Forests

Sandia gets $600,000 for biofuels project

Michigan Utility and MTU Join Forces To Study Biomass-powered Electricity

Ethanol Transportation Update: Supply, Demand, and Rail Transportation Continue to Expand

Cong. Flake blasts proposed ethanol bailout

Livestock, meat groups say aid for ethanol producers is unfair

Gulf Coast Energy to Survey Grayville, IL Site for Potential Cellulosic Ethanol Plant

USGC: DDGS Are Equal in Performance and Lower in Cost

Wood Biomass Market Realities Explode Waste Wood Myth

USGC: Mexico Likely To Remain Top DDGS Buyer

Society of Wood Science and Technology (SWST) Position On Use of Woody Biomass for Bioenergy

International News

Government looks at jump-starting biofuel (South Africa)

German govt cuts 2009 biofuels blending target

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