Friday, August 29, 2008

News and Notes - August 29, 2008

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US News

Lignol Corporation to build cellulosic ethanol plant in Grand Junction (CO)

Covanta Announces Acquisition of Two Biomass Energy Facilities in Maine

Purdue University Researchers Study Genetics of Cell Wall Generation to Develop More Productive Celulosic Biofuel Feedstocks

59 percent of biofuel execs believe US mandates will be repealed or reduced, survey finds

US ethanol replaced about 2.6% of gasoline demand

Ag Secretary Says Ethanol Mandate Benefits Far Outweigh Negatives

Monthly Ethanol Production in the US’sResearch&PID=f1ba0343-51ed-4a77-881c-298603bd80b9

Inside Obama's green plan for energy and the economy

DOE Awards National Laboratories $7 Million to Accelerate Clean Energy Technologies

Golden image of corn-based ethanol shows some erosion

Wisconsin Natural Resources Dept. Approves Permit for United Ethanol to Installl Thermal Oxidizer for Air Quality Control at Milton Ethanol Plant

Pacific Ethanol: Market Growth and Increase in Production to the Rescue

Ethanol terminal sells for $46.5M

77% favour biodiesel: US survey

Unintended effects of the ethanol law

Green Energy Resources Announces Stock Buy Back

Three new reports are now available from BBI International for purchase

International News

Canfor plans new residue energy plant

Scientists achieve chemical breakthrough that converts sawdust into biofuel (China converts lignin into alkanes and alcohols)

Major Taiwan Firms to Step Into Bio-ethanol Production

Government ambiguity over E85 policy (Thailand)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

News and Notes - August 28, 2008

Feature Article

Is Biomass Harvesting Sustainable?

This article reviews a study that looked at biomass harvests from forests being treated in fire prevention programs. The authors primarily analyzed issues related to harvesting and collecting biomass for delivery to a facility. Their focus was on a consistent supply of biomass and the necessary steps to make it work. One of the important areas was logger education and training.

US News

Ag secretary defends ethanol, promotes technology

Senate energy plan's bipartisan support grows's-bipartisan-support-grows/

Who's to blame for the high price of food? It depends on whom you ask

RENEWED ENERGY: Cellulosic Ethanol Benefits Come At A Price

Xethanol to pay $2.8 million to settle a shareholder class-action lawsuit

DEQ clears way for ethanol plant in Hopewell (VA)

Dealing With Disaster Debris

Hawaiian Coal-Fired Plant Being Converted to Burn Biomass

Solazyme Grows $45M for Algae Fuel

Trans Load Limited Inc. and Blendstar LLC Improve Ethanol Distribution Logistics by Opening Ethanol Terminal in Birmingham, AL

Ethanol to Fuel Georgia (the state)-Brazil Trade Growth

International News

Sugar to Gain 14% on Brazil Ethanol Demand, Guarani CEO Says

Ethanol plant appeals MOE order (Canadian ethanol plant battle over noise and odors)

Britons reach Athens on chip fat

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

News and Notes - August 27, 2008

Feature Article

The strange politics of kingmakers in corn ethanol country

Bionews is strictly non-partisan and tries to avoid any article that takes sides in this election year. This article, however, points out how odd both presidential candidate positions on ethanol are when you look at their supporters. Sen. Obama fully support ethanol subsidies, especially corn, while his supporters are often the ones are most often critics of corn ethanol, be it from food vs. fuel issues or environmental concerns. Sen. McCain, on the other hand, opposes subsidies for corn ethanol while is supporters are often corn producers and ethanol producers.
US News

NCGA Editorial: Ethanol Truth Squad Still Needs To Patrol For Inaccurate Information

Wind Energy Bumps Into Power Grid’s Limits

American Ag & Energy Council Announces Formal Organization{7DA2B710-2E74-4051-B280-83964754BDC2}&dist=hppr

SunEthanol, MBI in cellulosic ethanol partnership

Biofuel complex in works for state (algae in Arkansas)

UNL ag economist touts future of ethanol

Range Fuels Appoints Greg King to Board of Directors

(Hopewell, VA) Ethanol plant receives permit

American Ingenuity Leads to Biodiesel Breakthrough

Algae: Biofuel of the Future?

International News

New method enhances efficiency in ethanol production (Japanese cellulosic ethanol research into low-cost catalysts)

UK 'should end biofuel subsidies'

Tequila sunset: The ethanol boom (Mexican farmers switch from agave to corn)

Cosan to invest US$1bn in 618km ethanol pipeline (Brazil)*1bn_in_618km_ethanol_pipeline

Emissions cutting biodiesel supercar on sale next year (UK)

Ethanol takes it on the ear (Canada)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

News and Notes - August 26, 2008

Feature Article

Wahoo ethanol plant’s future looks bleak

Today’s feature article is highlighted as being representative of several grain ethanol projects that have been planned or are under some stage of development. Even though corn prices are declining from their high points, projects continue to fade away as the economics of the facility turn south, public or environmental pressures mount, and other reasons. This particular plant was under construction, with steel in the ground when it apparently collapsed.

US News

ADM, Deere, and Monsanto Partner to Research Corn Stover Collection and Storage for Feed and Fuel Production

If corn is biofuels king, tropical maize may be emperor

Improving Biomass and Carbon Estimates for Coarse and Fine Woody Debris

Bacteria Power: Future For Clean Energy Lies In 'Big Bang' Of Evolution

Unity Biofuels Developing Self-Blending Ethanol Fuel Dispensers

Newly updated NREL handbook for Handling, Storing, and Dispensing E85

Biodiesel OTR test nearing end

In Minnesota, Sen. McCain And Renewables Industry Have Differing Agendas

Ethanol heats up Nebraska's Senate debate

Cleantech Entrepreneurs Speak Out for Obama’s Energy Plan

An overview of VP candidate Joe Biden’s views on energy

$2.00/gal Biodiesel fuel ready for production

International Articles

Untouched forests store 3 times more carbon- study (Austrailia)

Biodiesel market is expected to augment to $6.0 billion by 2012 (BRIC market)

Malawi Launches Research on “Green Vehicles”

Monday, August 25, 2008

News and Notes - August 25, 2008

Feature Article

Georgia Power seeks approval to convert coal-fired Plant Mitchell to biomass

This article highlights the Georgia Power effort to convert their coal-fired Plant Mitchell to wood biomass. The plant would have the capacity to produce 96MW of electricity. If approved, the plant conversion could be completed by 2012.

US News

'Delivering a global biofuel industry is a big challenge’ (Interview with BP President)

Betting on a hot market for syngas

Biofuels create enviable position for some

Researcher Closes in On Ethanol Breakthrough that Reduces Need to Use Corn to Make Ethanol

American Corn Growers Association Endorses Obama

10 Things to Know About Biden and Energy

Greenhunter Energy Subsidiary Updates Status of Biodiesel Refinery Operations (Now at 50% capacity)

Tying VeraSun's future to a 'whipping boy'

Analysis: EPA talks tough on use of some ethanol blends

Carbon trading schemes, merchant options, and lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions in view of the energy independence and security act of 2007

North America’s cherished landfills threatened

International News

Used cooking oil is turned into biofuel (Spain)

Nissan to make, market Livina models in Brazil

Friday, August 22, 2008

News and Notes - August 22, 2008

Feature Article

Struggling forestry companies bet on biofuel boom

This article covers discussions held at the recent Reuters Summit on Biotechnology. It reviews some of the larger worldwide forest products companies efforts related to bioenergy production. It’s an interesting summary of the changes and positive impacts the biofuels industry could have on this companies.

US News

Ag secretary: Biofuels good for farmers, security

USDA, China sign biofuels agreement

Energy Politics Proving Difficult to Master

Don't Be Cornfused About Ethanol, Subsidies, Prices

NCSU gets grant to research ethanol from trees

Study analyzes biomass industry’s impact on wood prices

OSU given $2.4M to study cellulosic biofuel crops

Purdue report: Switching to biodiesel benefits Indianapolis buses

Biomass: A Question of Wood, Not Could

Harkin visits for update on algae ethanol project

Renewable Energy Group Develops Scalable Technology for Producing and Refining Large Quantities of Algal Biodiesel

International News

Brazil: Biofuel projects do not affect food production or Amazon, report say

India - 10% ethanol blending unlikely by October

Petrobras inaugurates Quixada biodiesel plant

Brazilian President Lobbies for Using Less Soy to Produce Biodiesel

News and Notes - August 21, 2008

Feature Article

Georgia Ethanol Plant Progress (Range Fuels)

An update on the progress in Soperton, GA and interview with the Range Fuels senior vice president.

UTBI-related news

Fueling the Debate

US News

The word on ethanol is waste not want not

Blue Sun Biodiesel is Inc. 500's Fastest Growing Biodiesel Provider{D2A7A3F3-A5CF-4BD7-9F06-5694010DCF67}&dist=hppr

Congressman Boswell pushes for ethanol pipeline

Public, private forest interests urge senators to change energy law

U.S. Senate Ag Committee discusses ethanol

New catalyst boosts hydrogen as transport fuel

Scientists Warn Against Sudden Shift to Biofuels; Climate May be Harmed, not Helped

New Law Means New Labels for Biodiesel Pumps

Gasoline Prices Continue 34-Day Decline Across U.S.; Average Now $3.717

REG’s technology can produce biodiesel from algae

Carbon dioxide sequestration via algae biofuels: an overview

International News

New Brazilian ethanol company Cluster de Bionergia to invest $1.8 billion in four Brazilian ethanol mills

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

News and Notes - August 20, 2008

Feature Article and UTBI-related News

Tennessee Dept. of Agriculture Approves DuPont Accent Herbicide to Protect Switchgrass in Tennessee Biofuels Initiative

Exciting news for UTBI’s switchgrass production program! Accent, a herbicide shown to significantly reduce grass competition in newly established switchgrass stands, has been approved for use on switchgrass in Tennessee. The use of the herbicide greatly increases the establishment and productivity rates of swtichgrass.

US News

Chloroplast development protein is found

Cellulosic Ethanol turning into fight

ARS Research Shows Sweet Potatoes and Cassava Yield 2-3 Times More Carbohydrate Content Than Corn for Ethanol Production

EPIC, Kansas Corn Commission announce blender pump initiative

Bill Clinton: 10 Things the U.S. Government Should Do For Clean Power

U.S. Sen. Grassley: Responds to Latest Attack on Homegrown Ethanol
Minus microphones, ethanol critics still have their say

Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance releases draft Sustainability document

California Ethanol & Power retains lead contractor (Fagen) for sugarcane to ethanol, electricity plants in Imperial Valley

Ethanol Plant Is Coming To The Mountains (KY waste to ethanol plant)
International News

Biodiesel production should triple in 7 years (Brazil, to 700 million gallons/yr)
Use biotechnology for green development (India)

Barbados considers Brazilian ethanol plant

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

News and Notes - August 19, 2008

Feature Article

Japan's Suzuki Motor to launch 100 pct ethanol cars in U.S., Brazil

This article looks at a variety of vehicles that Suzuki is developing to run on alternative fuels, including E25, E100, and low emissions biodiesel vehicles. The company has a development partnership with General Motors to develop engines, cars, etc. These newly developed vehicles could make it to the US in 2010 and you have to wonder if this is a test market for a larger program from GM.

US News

Decaturville, TN Biodiesel Plant Explodes, Neighborhoods Evacuated

As Oil Giants Lose Influence, Supply Drops

American Oil Imports in June Far Outpace Investment in U.S. Ethanol Production in all of 2007

MSU’s discovery of plant protein holds promise for biofuel production

Roundtable for Sustainable Biofuels releases proposed standards for review

Nexterra says testing shows biomass gasification ready to displace fossil fuels

US senators optimistic about ethanol, ag futures

First Georgia corn ethanol plant near opening

T. Boone Pickens Statement on Meeting With U.S. Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) in Reno, Nevada

Ethanol industry counters critics on rising food prices

Report Claims Every New Car Will Be a Hybrid By 2020

Biodiesel firms get boost from Pa. lawmakers

From algae to palm oil, airlines quietly seeking alternative fuels

Incentive aims to add more ethanol fuel options (Kansas program)

Special Biofuels Digest Report on camelina, an advanced biodiesel “wonder crop”

POET Considering Fourth Ethanol Plant For Indiana

Suit alleges gas stations sold E85 as unleaded (Iowa),0,7993230.story

UNL plans to build (federal) research facility on state fair land

International News

Ontario to use forestry waste as biofuel but some critics unimpressed

India will farm wasteland for biodiesel

Qld re-affirms compulsory 5pc ethanol in fuel by 2010 (AU)

Compost bug offers hope for biofuel industry

(Phillipines) Oil companies to import ethanol in ’09 to comply with law

Friday, August 15, 2008

News and Notes - August 15, 2008

Feature Article

Hurdles to blending more ethanol remain;jsessionid=1DDOK5WQLTV2HQFIBQNSAOQ?storyid=/templatedata/ag/story/data/1218808591342.xml

This article looks at the approval hurdles that must be crossed to get higher blends of ethanol approved (above E10). Minnesota has already requested EPA allow E20. NOX emissions are the concerns from burning E20 in unmodified vehicles. With only E10, EPA estimates that by 2013, the ethanol market will be saturated.

US News

New Poll Shows that Americans Prefer Clean Energy

VeraSun Energy Announces Startup of Hartley, Iowa, Ethanol Biorefinery

Shell and Iogen announce extended alliance to accelerate a next generation biofuel

More US States Cooking Up Renewable Energy Incentives

Corn growing in popularity: Ethanol is spurring demand; price is triple what it was two years ago

RFA: Despite Drop in Grain Prices, Inflation Continues to Rise Due to the Cost of Petroleum

Waste-to-fuel firm Changing World files for IPO

Republicans seek to repeal ethanol mandate (Oregon)

McCain’s energy plan doesn’t include biofuels

Amyris Biotechnologies tacks on $21M for biofuel development

International News

Sustainable Development Technology Canada Calls for Applications to its $500-Million NextGen Biofuels Fund

Thursday, August 14, 2008

News and Notes - August 14, 2008

Feature Article

Food or fuel? It’s the ethanol battle

Ok, I know your thinking that this is just another story about food versus fuel. Well, it is. But, I think this one has value, not only because it is well written, but because it uses a great analogy to describe the current ethanol industry. A couple of folks compare ethanol today to a 1980 IBM computer. He notes that the computers of that time were big and clunky and not nearly as efficient as we wanted them to be. He then concludes “they looked pretty silly compared to what we have now … (but) you gotta start somewhere with this stuff.” I think people need to look forward, plan for the future and realize the more effort we put into biofuels, we can go farther, faster.

US News

DOE JGI Director Eddy Rubin highlights the genomics of plant-based biofuels in the journal Nature

POET Announces Construction to Be Complete on Pilot-Scale Cellulosic Ethanol Plant in Scotland, SD by Year's End

EPA Ethanol Ruling Irks Texas Governor (NPR Interview)

Ethanol industry improves product and PR efforts

Ethanol demand could spark new bull market for corn

Changing look for state's ethanol industry (SD)

Governor links ethanol to security (NE)

Cut in corn-ethanol production not solution for poultry industry, officials say

FACTBOX - U.S. presidential candidates on energy issues

John Deere Agri Services Partners with Clean Fuels Clearinghouse for Renewable Identification Number (RIN) Solution

Turning Waste Material Into Ethanol

BioFuel Energy will avoid bankruptcy, says analyst, despite $46 million hedge loss

Metal Carbide Set to Make Biofuel Production Economically Viable

Imperium closes Hawaii office

Kauderer Group Energy to Purchase 87-Acre Site for New Biodiesel Facility Near Marion, Ohio

International News

General Motors, PTT (Thailand) To Develop Alternative Fuels For Vehicles

KENYA: Boosting biofuels without compromising food security

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

News and Notes - August 13, 2008

Feature Article

Tennessee farm acreage up to record values

The value of Tennessee farm land continues to rise. Values for farms increased by 7% in 2007. Crop and pasture land values increased during the same time frame. Cropland rental rates declined slightly while pasture rental rates increased. Commodity prices, interest rates, and other sources of this increased are discussed. This article is a good look at the state of farm values in Tennessee.

UTBI-related News

Switchgrass For Energy Will Take Time

US News

VeraSun CEO Sees Coming Nationwide Rollout Of Ethanol

Michigan State to Create Genomic Clearinghouse for Biofuel Crops

Improved Reaction Data Heat Up The Biofuels Harvest

A New Environment for Biofuels

Ethanol producer Biofuel Energy in trouble over losses

Sunnier Forecast for Corn and Soybean Harvest

Unexpected bumper crops unlikely to give much relief

Is It Ethanol? Corn Harvest Up, Prices Too

Irrational policy: Ethanol requirements are all about politics and little about energy or the environment

Beginning of the Blender Pumps

The Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels Announces Version Zero of their Sustainability Standard

International News

Biofuels: the sweet smell of power  (Brazil’s quest for energy independence)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

News and Notes - August 12, 2008

Feature Article

EPA to Crack Down on Ethanol Cheats

Cheap ethanol is making it into gasoline in larger and larger percentages as blenders try to take advantage of cost savings. Any blends above E10, excluding E85, are in violation of the Clean Air Act and subject to $32,500 per day in fines from EPA. Spot tests have shown blends of up to 20% at retail stations. Automotive manufacturers are leery of the problem and some states, like Tennessee, are taking closer looks at blending facilities.

US News

VeraSun Reports Record Revenues for Second Quarter 2008{8F679904-6434-459A-9362-C40C6977CE93}&dist=hppr

POET to open 65 Mgy Indiana plant in September; to make major cellulosic ethanol pilot plant announcement

RFA Applauds American Farmers for Overcoming Adversity to Produce Second-Largest Crop in American History

BlueFire Ethanol’s “Arkenol Process” Presentation

Obama aide wooed by ethanol lobby (Daschle talking with RFA),Authorised=false.html?

In corn country, McCain says no to ethanol support

Texas Is Fed Up With Corn Ethanol (An editorial by Gov. Rick Perry)

Prius gets ethanol makeover

Overcoming E20's Obstacles

International News

The European Biofuels Challenge: Developments in European Union Policy and Industry Drivers, A Report

Brazil Multigrain to invest $350 mln in ethanol

Sugar, Ethanol Plant worth 300m Br for Amhara (Ethiopia),%20Ethanol%20Plant%20worth%20300m%20Br%20for%20Amhara.htm

Monday, August 11, 2008

News and Notes - August 11, 2008


Feature Article

Ford delays smaller F-100 pickup, focuses on EcoBoost powertrains

The “ecoboost” powertrains that Ford is developing could have a significant impact on the truck market. Using dual injectors, fuel mileage can increase by 40-50%, significant by any standard, but especially so in a market dominated by 20 mpg or less vehicles. By blending ethanol and gasoline in the motor, the engine can optimize combustion. This development is what I hope is a promising view into the future for at least one of our domestic automakers.

US News

E.P.A. Declines to Reduce the Quota for Ethanol in Cars

Corn, Soybeans Plunge as Commodities Slump on Dollar's Rally

Bipartisan Energy Proposal Offered in Senate; Summit Set for September

ADM's Ethanol Enthusiasm

Archer Daniels Midland spent $330,000 in second quarter lobbying on farm bill, ethanol

Energy Subsidy Dreams

Obama addresses oil addiction

Carbon dioxide sources and ethanol: second in a Biofuels Digest series on CO2 markets

Joint Statement on Brazil-United States Energy Meeting

AE Biofuels to Opencellulosic Ethanol Demonstration Plant (MT)

Eco-Energy to Purchase 100% of Production From Wilmington (NC) Biodiesel Plant

Breakthrough in cheaper biofuel production from cellulose (cellulose to fufural)

EPA: Corn ethanol is awesome! The discredited agency upholds the biofuel mandate

Rush to ethanol is doing more harm than good

Midland man's biodiesel processors now sold worldwide

E85: The ethanol blend appears to be stalling (MN)

Biodiesel buses measure up to petroleum versions

Algae: Biofuel of the Future?

International News

Ethanol Plant Calls Belle Plaine Home (55 mgy wheat plant officially opens in Saskatchewan)

Mexico & Agaves: Moving from Tequila to Ethanol

Farm waste biofuel ‘can beat oil crisis’ (Austrailia)

Bid to plant genetically-modified trees in UK

Kasane sugar cane plantation not feasible (Botswana rejects 10,000 acre refinery project due to environmental concerns)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

News and Notes - August 6, 2008

Feature Article

Southern Forest Industry Braces for Bioenergy

This article reviews the potential for increases in demand for wood chips over the next 12 years. With demand for pellets, wood-to-electricity facilities, and cellulosic ethanol, the study projects demand to incrrease from 2 million tons this year to 13.5 million tons in 2020. It’s an interesting look at the wood market.

US News

BP and Verenium Announce Significant Partnership to Accelerate the Commercialization of Cellulosic Ethanol ($90 million)

EPA to announce decision on RFS waiver request (August 7)

Marathon Oil reports ethanol blending up 38 percent

U.S. and Brazil Energy Officials Meet to Discuss the Future for Both Nations

Va.'s 2 US senators want ethanol mandate relaxed

Obama details energy plan

Gasoline pricing vexes travelers (What goes into pricing gasoline)

UGA taps expert to develop tree biofuel technology

More Pulp and Paper Plants Adding Biofuels and Energy Production to Facilities

State official gets jail time for role in Agri-Ethanol bribery case (NC)

Lesquerella: The Next Source of Biofuel?

LA port vows lawsuit won't stop clean truck plan

First NY-produced biodiesel cargo heads to Europe

International News

Toyota to build ethanol mill in Brazil

Following Fidel's lead, Cuba cuts ethanol plans

Power plant to generate electricity from Ethanol (Pakistan)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

News and Notes - August 5, 2008

Feature Article

ORNL to go green with steam plant: Biomass-fueled boiler will eventually pay for itself, save estimated $8.7M a year

ORNL has entered into a unique project with Johnson Controls, Inc. The company is providing private financing for the $89 million boiler system to be repaid by DOE over a period of years through the energy savings. This is a great example of private and public groups going in together to create sustainable energy options.

US News

Gang of 10 compromise plan will address energy crisis

Pulp and Paper Industry Poised to Take Center Stage in Global Bioenergy Arena

United Soybean Board Survey Shows Amercan Consumers Support Farmers and Biodiesel, But Blame Other Factors for High Food Costs

Will CNN’s biofuel adventure help or hurt biodiesel?

Univ. of Northern Colorado professor hopes to clone 'diesel tree' cells for biofuel

New Agribusiness Alliance Makes Case for Food AND Energy

Ethanol cooperative plans to unleash power of corncobs

The Ethanol Import Tariff should be repealed....A Statement from Renergie

Ceres switchgrass seed available this fall

Colorado State Researchers Land Largest (USDA) Single Grant to Study Biofuels (in latest funding round)

S.D. Corn Launches Drive for Ethanol

Missouri algae facility, biorefinery complex receives $141 million

Farm to Fuel event pushes Florida

Biodiesel plant works on recipe for success (IL)

Mantra Venture Group Announces Entry into an Agreement in Principle for a Cellulosic Ethanol Joint Venture

Pacific Ethanol ready to launch 50 Mgy corn ethanol plant in California

International News

Biodiesel production in Beijing has shut down due to transport restrictions due to Olympics

Malaysia, Indonesia To Use Palm Oil Surplus To Produce Biodiesel

Monday, August 4, 2008

News and Notes - August 4, 2008

Feature Article

USDA will not release CRP acres penalty free

In a decision that has been anticipated for a while, the USDA decided not to allow CRP acres to be withdrawn from the program without penalty. The article gives a clear overview of how the decision was reached. Reasons for it included the new Farm Bill’s reduction in CRP acreage (cap down by almost 7 million acres), current size of corn crop, and a recent court case that cited the USDA for lack of environmental impact statements for changes made to hay and grazing lands. An EIS for CRP lands would be much more complicated.

US News

Ethanol industry looking up (corn futures are down),0,4924275.story

Gaps in the Research of 2nd Generation Transportation Biofuels (A report by IEA and DOE)

(North Carolina) Ethanol plant moving forward

GM offers “seed-to-tank” look at biomass-based ethanol

U.S. sugar trade says ethanol not a savior, Doha unhelpful

Company May Build Facility for Algae Biofuel in Las Cruces

The cellulosic ethanol leaders of the future

Tjiong grass, cross of elephant grass and sugar cane, seen as potential energy crop

Ford Offers New Flex-Fuel Vehicles in 2009

International News

What's the next stop after Geneva (trade talks failure)

Oil prices and climate change fuel green gold rush

India’s national biodiesel “mission” shelved

GreenGold Ray Energies Expands Jatropha Plantations for Increased Biodiesel Oil Productions

Friday, August 1, 2008

News and Notes - August 1, 2008

Feature Article

Harvard Study Warns Against Rolling Back Incentives for Biofuels

Finally! A more reasoned view! The Harvard report hits on the fact that we need to be working on biofuels, implementing them with the proper caution and care, and implementing policies that are diverse and tailored to the situation. The knee-jerk reactions that some policy making bodies have to media reports, public response, etc are not the type of policy actions that need taken to further our goals of energy independence.

UTBI-related News

Cellulosic biofuels offer quick solution – Tennessean OpEd by Joseph Skurla, President Dupont Danisco Cellulosic Ethanol

UT long involved in farm-based energy – Tennessean OpEd by Kelly Tiller, Dir. Of External Operations, UT Office of Bioenergy Programs

State's biofuel partnership a potential boost of energy  - Tennessean Editorial

US News

GM launches ethanol education video to “debunk myths”

Report: The Impact of Ethanol Production on Food, Feed and Fuel

American Soybean Association: Myths and realities behind rising food prices

Miscanthus grass an ideal biofuels source
And a narrated slideshow at

DOE, USDA Granting More Than $10M to Ten Biofuel Genomics Studies

The Department of Energy Selects The Alliance for Sustainable Energy to Operate its Renewable Energy Laboratory

Our view on energy (USA Today Editorial): Ethanol production soars, but its allure plummet

US Ag secretary: Go with green fuel, but drill now

State (KY) gives $1.2 million in energy funding

Company to convert sugarcane ethanol into ethylene

International News

Brazil's Cosan sees record 2008/09 ethanol exports

GreenGold Ray Energies Expands Jatropha Plantations for Increased Biodiesel Oil Productions