Friday, October 31, 2008

News and Notes - Oct. 31, 2008

US News

Ethanol's environmental advantage over petrol confirmed by US study

Kinder Morgan, Central Florida Pipeline batch ship ethanol
Biomass conversion technology development

Clemson to lead effort to reduce state dependence on oil

Survey Identifies New Media's Influence on Energy & Environmental Reporting: Clean Tech Journalists Unconvinced of US Ability to Reduce Fossil Fuel Use

Falling gas prices could help economy, but will impact ethanol industry

Corn Growers Research Non-Fuel Ethanol Use

Aventine Reports 3rd Quarter Earnings

Wisconsin undergraduate team tackles biofuels challenges

First Biofuel Flight Across America

ACE: Ethanol Continues to Help Cut Dependence on Foreign Oil

International News

Energy sapped from Brazilian renewables

Biofuels a potential tool for social development

India, Brazil, South Africa turn their attention to renewables

Grain likely to remain off the biofuels crop list (South Africa)

Kenya sees $500 mln biofuels investment in 2 years

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