Thursday, July 31, 2008

News and Notes - July 31, 2008

Featured Article

Interactive Biodiesel Producer Map

Biodiesel Magazine has produced an interactive map that allows users to see where in the US biodiesel manufacturers are located, some basic company and volume information. It also provides links to a Google map of each location and the company’s website. This is a nice tool to locate these producers. Hopefully, Ethanol Producer Magazine will come out with something similar since the magazines are produced at the same company.

US News

Assistant Secretary of Energy Alexander Karsner to Resign in August

National Conservation, Environment and Energy Independence Act introduced in US House: oil drilling, coal-to-liquid, Renewable Energy Reserve Fund planned

Ethanol's toll,0,4693606.story

Ethanol Related Links – List of links from DOE

Senate Ag Committee on Ethanol to Be Held in Omaha

Wisconsin Rapids Area Has High Hopes for Ethanol Plant (former New Page mill)

U.S. ethanol production rises 10 pct in May – EIA

Sorghum taking root as a source for ethanol

In the tall grass, researchers find energy alternative

John Stephen Releases Plan For American Energy Independence (NJ Rep)

Ethanol plant action sought (NY companies sue one another)

U.S. Grains Council and Hawkeye Gold LLC Send Sample Shipment of DDGS to Australia for Feeding Trials

Money Available To Switch Alabama School Buses To Biodiesel

Ethanol plants receive big subsidy checks

International News

Peugeot-Citroen (and Ford) approves Harvest B30 biodiesel for UK cars with HDi engines

Sava joint venture opens biggest wood biomass plant in Balkans

Tax hike would force German biodiesel closures

DJ Bunge To Invest BRL1 Bln In 3 Brazil Ethanol Mills

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

News and Notes - July 30, 2008

Feature Article

Brazil presses US, EU to include ethanol in any WTO trade pact

You will notice that the International News section of today’s email is loaded with articles about Brazil, WTO talks, and ethanol tariffs. This article provides an overview of the entire situation. The EU has given ground, reducing tariffs on certain quantities of Brazillian ethanol (450 million gallons). However, the US has been reluctant to reduce its 54 cents per gallon tariff. Even the EU tariff excemption was met with negativity by the Brazilian sugarcane industry in that it was not enough! The US is the world’s largest producer of ethanol and Brazil is second. The article briefly mentions that Brazil has had issues getting its ethanol seen as an environmentally friendly alternative to gasoline. With concerns about industry practices there, the country may find it difficult to find any support in the US for tariff reductions, among environmentalists, agriculturalists, and industrialists alike.

US News

POET signs cooperative agreement with DOE for first phase of commercial cellulosic ethanol project

Corn ethanol stirs passion in Michigan's alternative energy debate

Senators introduce bill to create ethanol pipelines

Research drives improvements in efficient biofuel processing (Colorado)

National Corn Growers Association speaker tells Lake Land audience ethanol is part of energy solution, not the entire answer

Interstate Transmission Superhighways: Paving the Way to a Low-carbon Future

Cobb County (GA) Considers Own Biofuel Plant

Building Better Biofuels

Microbial Tricks for the Cellulosic Ethanol Trade

International News

Brazil Seeks New Options To Fight Ethanol Tariffs

Brazil wants market on both sides of the pond

Less dependency on biofuels in EU climate plan

Brazil defends biofuel's merits

Marathon WTO talks collapse in U.S.-India farm row

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

News and Notes - July 29, 2008

Feature Article

(UGA Researchers) New Biomass Technology Dramatically Increases Ethanol Yield From Grasses And Yard Waste

The University of Georgia has a technology available to reduce biomass pretreatment problems and issues. Their research as found a better method of pretreatment that is acid-free and releases at least ten times more simple sugars than other pretreatment methods. It is a relatively quick process as well. It is also considered more environmentally friendly than alternative chemicals.

US News

Fuel prices fall for 7th straight day (interesting look at cost comparison of ethanol and gasoline based on mileage)

Pickens on his energy plan,0,761206.story

Massachusetts: Biofuel Bill Is Signed (inc. cellulosic exemptions)

N.H. farmers say ethanol bringing higher feed prices

Cardinal Ethanol still plans to open on time: But experts say hardly anyone can afford corn at these prices.

Industrial Biotechnology Plans Ethanol-Based Chemical Production

Estimating the impact of inceased ethanol production on US household spending

NREL to analyze impact of WIREC pledges

Hoover (AL) diverts 8 tons of wood waste from landfill to produce ethanol

Drumming Up Demand for Diesels

Flexible Biomass Conveyance

Biodiesel trailer closes days after grand opening

International News

Man blows up garage trying to make biodiesel (Humor for the Day!)

ADM to start ethanol production in Brazil – report

Brazil presses US, EU to include ethanol in any WTO trade pact

Monday, July 28, 2008

News and Notes - July 28, 2008

Feature Article

Termite Bellies and Biofuels

This article is a nice in-depth look at some research underway looking at termite stomachs and the enzymes they contain. These “walking bioreactors” as the researcher calls them contain extremely efficient enzymes that release sugars from the materials these insects eat. These enzymes hold lots of potential for commercial development of efficient cellulosic technologies. We have some research underway here at the University of Tennessee that is also looking at termite enzymes. Dr. Juan Jurat Fuentes is heading that effort through a Sun Grant funded research program.

UTBI-related News

Tennessee Biofuels project Boosts Knoxville's Innovation Valley

VW Execs Impressed By Switchgrass Into Biofuel Effort

National News

US presses ahead with biofuel law, despite opposition from Texas: New legislation would make 80 per cent of vehicles capable of being run on biofuels

Ethanol carries huge costs to the environment, people

Boosting Cellulosic Biofuels

Sprucing Up Wood Waste

USDA Expert Warns Against Harvesting Wheat Residue

How Free Trade Can Help Solve the Energy Crisis

GMO Crops May Help End Food-Versus-Fuel Debate, Monsanto Says

Renewable Chemicals Corporation Will Use Sugar Cane Ethanol to Manufacture Renewable Chemicals

WATER: Oil companies see opportunity in another precious commodity

Postal Service Wants To Green 90% Of Fleet

Neighbor campaigns for LYCO 1 ethanol plan (Public support for ethanol project!)

Dalton (GA) Utilities to Start Producing Biodiesel From Algae

Ethanol plant aims for October start-up (POET Ohio)

Liquid Maize halts ethanol plant construction, cites financing

Man uses canola seeds to produce biodiesel fuel (NC)

International News

EU proposes annual import of 1.4 mln tons of ethanol from Brazil

Petrobras Opens Biofuel Unit to Oversee $1.5 Billion Investment

India votes for national energy security

Sunday, July 27, 2008

News and Notes - July 25, 2008

Feature Article

With this week’s announcement of the partnership between UT/Genera Energy, I have received several questions regarding the partnership, biorefinery details, and about Mascoma. I would like to refer everyone to the Genera Energy website ( where they have posted a list of FAQs that will address many of these details.

UTBI-related News

As you can imagine, this is a big week for the UTBI with the announcement of the partnership with Dupont Danisco Cellulosic Ethanol. Here is a sampling of news articles related to the event. I’ll just list links as most of the titles are similar.

US News

Ethanol 'concerns' Big Oil

Secretary of Energy Samuel Bodman and Secretary of Agriculture Ed Shaefer response letter to Senator Bingaman of New Mexico in regards to his questions about ethanol and food prices (interesting read)

Restrictive language threatens cellulosic ethanol growth (Energy Bill)

Harkin: Gas cheaper because of ethanol

Agribusiness Group Forms To Protect Ethanol Subsidies (Dupont, John Deere, Monsanto, etc)

Company makes, sells biodiesel at Va. truck stop

Uprising Against the Ethanol Mandate

Los Angeles County approves commercial ethanol plant (BlueFire Ethanol)

Primafuel to Install Industry-Leading SMAART™Oil Solution at Amaizing Energy Ethanol Facility

Ethanol whining from Kansas

What’s Driving Food Prices? A Farm Foundation Report

EESI releases new cellulosic factsheets

The Ethanol Trap: Why Policies to Promote Ethanol as Fuel Need Rethinking (a CD Howe Institute Report)
And the Canadian Biofuels Association response to the report

Gassing up with garbage

Athenix raises $10M for biofuels and specialty chemicals

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

News and Notes - July 23, 2008

** News and Notes will not be published on Thursday, July 24, 2008. Apologies for any inconveniences.” **

Featured Article

Due to editor travel status, the featured article section will not appear today.

US News

Big business concocts link of biofuels, food costs

Guidance on Harvesting Woody Biomass for Energy in Pennsylvania

Switchgrass May Mean Better Soil

Global Warming, Jet-A Prices 'Fueling' Interest in Alternative Gas,%20Jet-A%20Prices%20'Fueling'%20Interest%20in%20Alternative%20Gas

Quest for alternative fuels starts with an engine at Argonne National Laboratory,0,2358184.story

EPA delays ruling on ethanol mandate waiver until August

VeraSun: North Dakota ethanol plant starting up

The Byproducts of Biodiesel Production Are Valuable Organic Acids, Researchers Say

Steelman aims for votes from ethanol-weary livestock farmers (MO)

DuPont Danisco Cellulosic Ethanol LLC Names Joseph R. Skurla President: Brings Fuel and Refinery Expertise to the Joint Venture

Beef Tallow to Fuel Nebraska Biodiesel Plant

Cow power could generate electricity for millions

International News

Biofuels industry grows in Latin America

Biofuels depriving world of 100 million tons of cereals: FAO chief

For Caribbean, Rum More Interesting Than Ethanol

Regulatory Guidance - Ethanol Distillers' Grains for Livestock Feed (Canada)

Brazilian ethanol plants to get $260m loan

Arroyo calls for acceleration of biodiesel production

News and Notes - July 22, 2008

US News

U.S. Sens. Harkin & Lugar: Introduce Bill That Would Help Create Ethanol Pipeline

Auto Industry Redesigns Engines While Ethanol Debate Rages

Senators outraged over EPA meeting with Perry on RFS

Ethanol plant construction at a standstill, but plans remain

Catawba Co, NC and Appalachian State University to open Biodiesel Research Center

Biofuels Proof of Concept Study on Producing Cellulosic Ethanol from Pelleted Forage Crops Nets K-State Team

Senator Visits Growers, Stresses Support for Corn Ethanol

Ethanol Could Use Some Friends Right Now

Milwaukee council considers resolution against ethanol

SEC files complaint against Natchez biofuels company

Interview transcript with Ken Powell, chairman and chief executive officer, General Mills discussing food price inflation

International News

FAO debuts world soil database to identify carbon sink, biomass cultivation opportunities

Samsung Group to develop biodiesel in Indonesia

Monday, July 21, 2008

News and Notes - July 21, 2008

Feature Article

Heard the One About the Farmer’s Ethanol?

This article is a review of the book “Gusher of Lies” which focuses on the myths of energy independence. It makes note of several of the author’s key arguments in refuting the ideas of energy independence. The one that caught my attention was how automakers, when calculating mileage for their flexfuel vehicles, “artificially” inflate gas mileage using ethanol. It related to gasoline being considered in absence of ethanol and without the amount of ethanol added into the equation. I don’t take these things at face value and will research this, but this is a line of thought I had not seen before.

US News

Energy Information Administration Annual Energy Outlook 2008 Report

Biofuel for the flames: Are biofuels a core solution? (by Joe Romm, former Assistant Secretary for Energy)

Perry draws environmentalist support on ethanol stand

RFA: OECD Report on Biofuels Confirms Higher Oil Prices Largest Contributor to HIgh Grain Prices

Time for ethanol to defend self, say officials

$4 Gallon Gas: Burden or Emergency?

With Government and Industry Support, Hydrogen Vehicles Could Reduce U.S. Oil Use and Emissions

Municipal waste to produce ethanol by 2011 (AR)

Willow biomass experiment, now in year two, looks promising

Poll shows support for ethanol

Pellet stoves efficient, but becoming scarce

Bio-Diesel Company Calls Nebraska Home (60 mgy)

DRI and university work on biomass conversion process

Industrial Biotechnology: Development and Adoption by the U.S. Chemical and Biofuel Industries (A Report)

International News

New Biodiesel for UK cars (B30)

Rubbish idea that could make driving cheaper

Reliance’s new biofuel business model to provide fuel with food

Friday, July 18, 2008

News and Notes - July 17, 2008

Feature Article

Recent Study by ARS Researchers Suggest That Switchgrass May be Better for Your Soil

This article takes an interesting look at an ARA study relating the amount of glomalin, a sugar-protein, in switchgrass to the potential erodibility of soils. The more glomalin a soil contains, the less likely that soil is to erode. The study found that as plants formed a symbiotic relationship with fungi in the soil, glomalin levels rose. This increase was most pronounced under native warm season grasses like switchgrass. Glomalin also stores carbon and adds to soil fertility. The article also links to the ARS study.

US News

Switchgrass as fuel touted for energy, cost benefits

Dow and NREL Partner to Convert Biomass to Ethanol and Other Chemical Building Blocks

Biofuel Subsidies to More Than Double to $25 Billion, OECD Says

Long energy crisis ahead, former policymakers warn

Speculating About an Oil "Bubble"

North Dakota ethanol industry having rough year

International Institute for Ecological Agriculture Finds Motorists Across the Country are Switching to Ethanol

EPA’s Answer to Governor Perry’s RFS Waiver Request Already on the Books

More corn seen increasing 'dead zones',0,7935679.story

Homegrown corn flows as ethanol at GPRE facility (Iowa)

International News

World Biofuel Leaders to OPEC: Who Are You Trying to Kid?

World Bank biofuel report is part of a position paper

FAO plans new Global Forest Resources Assessment; will monitor deforestation and forest growth with gateway to imagery and data

Brazilian Sugarcane Industry: OECD Report Confirms Overall Benefits of Brazilian Sugarcane Ethanol

Mozambique gov't approves giant ethanol plant (planting 18,000 hectares of sugarcane)

Canadian Green Fuels announces potential $20M deal (biodiesel)

Special Biofuels Digest Report on the new $2500 Tata car (India, Biodiesel ready)

News and Notes - July 18, 2008

Feature Article

OPEC's sheiks must think Americans are stupid's+sheiks+must+think+Americans+are+stupid&articleId=99df355b-cedf-44eb-8bf1-66b277bd3262

This opinion piece takes OPEC and its comments of the last month to task. My favorite line in the article is “They say we live in an Information Age but where energy is concerned it's more like a Disinformation Age.” This is a sentiment that a lot of us have felt over the last year or so. The author notes the potential of science and new developments contributing to our future energy independence. The article is an obvious jab at OPEC and one that is likely well deserved.

US News

Gore sets energy goal for 2018

McCain Says Ethanol Important, But Doesn't Support Subsidies

Whirlwind Created By Biofuels Is Good Chaos

Fuel cell cars still 15 years away at best-study

Governors talk of moving beyond corn-based ethanol

NGA receives DOE funds to enact energy policies

USDA to Hold Public Hearing July 22 on Biopreferred Labeling Program

New poll shows public supports ethanol

Corn prices threaten ethanol

Shaping Oklahoma’s Renewable Energy Future

BioFuel Begins Shipping Ethanol (NE and MN)

International News

China Hainan Yedao to Build Fuel Ethanol Plant

Biodiesel plant already in demand (Austrailia)

Mozambique clears $280 mln cane-based ethanol plant

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

News and Notes - July 16, 2008

Upcoming Event

Senator Lamar Alexander is hosting a renewable energy discussion at the University of Tennessee’s West Tennessee Research and Education Center on Friday, July 18 at 10:00 am (CDT). The Center is located in Jackson, TN. The event will be held in Meeting Room B.

Feature Article

T-Bone for Him, Slim Pickin’s for Us (A financial review of the T. Boone Pickens plan)

This article takes a harder look at the plan put forth by T. Boone Pickens. It looks at the cost of infrastructure associated with natural gas refueling stations and also looks at the comparison between gasoline powered cars and natural gas powered cars. The cost of a natural gas car makes it difficult to pay off in the short term, even though natural gas is cheaper than gasoline. The article goes on to point out other weaknesses in the plan.

US News

EPA to delay Renewable Fuel Standard implementation to June 2009

High Corn Prices Cast Shadow Over Ethanol Plants

We need to play the energy game with a full deck

Shell, Iogen accelerate biofuel project

Price Of Oil: Hidden Oil Subsidies

From Biofuels to BioFailure

Tyson and Syntroleum Approve Dynamic Fuels (Biodiesel) Plant Construction

Clean Air Taskforce and Other Environmental Groups Send Letter to Senate Environment and Public Work Committee Urging Biofuels Mandate Suspension

Ethanol Industry Leaders Letter to President Bush: Don't Repeal Secondary Tariff

Turn region's wood waste into ethanol (AL)

Federal grant approved for Park Falls (WI) biodiesel plant

Department of Energy to Give $850,000 in Support National Governors Association Energy Initiatives

Minn. firm plans Omaha ethanol plant (using food wastes)

OECD says first-gen biofuels cost $1700 in public funds per tonne of CO2 reduced; calls for focus on advanced biofuels and conservation as alternative

CleanTech Partners Looks at Creating Woody Biomass Commodity Exchange

Suboctane gas mixed with ethanol would save money for motorists

International News

Verenium, Marubeni commence production at cellulosic ethanol plant in Thailand

Airbus plans second-generation biofuel tests

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

News and Notes - July 15, 2008

Feature Article

Biom├ęthodes, Virginia Tech sign agreement

The research featured in this article, work by Dr. Percival Zhang, was conducted at Virginia Tech and Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The Southeastern Sun Grant Center was able to provide funding for Dr. Zhang to travel and conduct research at ORNL. The work has led to processes to convert biomass into ethanol and biohydrogen.

UTBI-related News

TN Developing Alternative Energy Sources

Good Crop, Bad Crop (Quotes Dr. Tiller)

US News

Chattanooga: Study: Ethanol Reduces Eficiency

In Pictures: America's Best Places For Alternative Energy

Ethanol: The Battle Continues

Higher food prices are here to stay

Ethanol, Corn and DDGS 2007 vs. 2008 Price Comparisons in Iowa, South Dakota and Nebraska

The Role of DDGS in the Food-Versus-Fuel Debate

Ethanol Standard Important for Second Generation Fuels

Verenium Awarded U.S. Department of Energy Grant to Fund Jennings, Louisiana Demonstration-Scale Plant

Corn prices cutting into ethanol profits

USDA sees corn stocks easing

Drumming up demand for diesels

Gulf Ethanol Opens R&D Facility

Water, corn prices put ethanol plant on hold (ND)

International News

European Commission green-lights DuPont, Danisco cellulosic ethanol joint venture

Miracle plant's monstrous potential (Jatropha)

Monday, July 14, 2008

News and Notes - July 14, 2008

Feature Article

The Man Who Dared to Question Ethanol

This article looks at the recent Keith Collins report and his transformation from the USDA Chief Economist for the Bush Administration, to an industry analyst. It focuses on the results of his report and how USDA is now defending itself from his findings.

UTBI-related News

University of Tennessee to break ground on biorefinery this year

Dr. Tiller: State Well On Its Way To Developing "Grassahol"

Dr. Kelly Tiller Speaks On Biofuels Initiative At Kiwanis, Engineers Clubs

US News

ABF, Mascoma to develop cellulosic ethanol

Project would produce ethanol at Boise mill (Mascoma)
More....... Northern Minn. mill could help make ethanol, too

My plan to escape the grip of foreign oil (T. Boone Pickens)

Making Hay From Woody Waste

The Man Who Dared to Question Ethanol

GM, Governors Will Work to Expand Ethanol Distribution in U.S.

Governors Talk Of Moving Beyond Corn-based Ethanol

Time for Second Thoughts on the Ethanol Mandate

Aviation industry examines alternative fuels

U.S. Transportation Secretary Mary Peters Announces FAA Grant to the X PRIZE Foundation to Spur Renewable Aviation Fuels and Technologies

Pennsylvania Governor Rendell Signs Biofuels Development and Incentives Acts to Strengthen National Security, Spur Economic Development

SDG&E Adds Biomass Energy From Northern California

Energy official frowns on cutting back ethanol

NBPA, Alabama company to produce biofuel

Study: Biofuel production may affect climate

Iowa researchers study ground cover, corn

International News

Canada's Harper Says Biofuels Not Main Cause of Food Inflation

India gets serious about cellulosic ethanol: Special Biofuels Digest report

FAO to make “the Challenges of Climate Change and Bioenergy” the focus of World Food Day activities

Indonesia, Brazil say to cooperate on biofuel

Greed and dogma fertilize food crisis

China gives go-ahead for three biodiesel plants

Kenya court halts $370m sugar, biofuels project

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

News and Notes - July 9, 2008

** BioNews will not be published Thursday and Friday, July 10-11, 2008**

Feature Article

All about the Pickens Plan

Billionaire oil man T. Bone Pickens is putting his money where his mouth is and has launched an aggressive new campaign aimed at getting this country off oil. His plan focuses mostly on wind and natural gas, but includes other sources of biofuels and bioenergy as well. He promotes the use of natural gas as a vehicle fuel and using wind to produce the necessary electricity for the country. By producing electricity from wind, we can shift the current natural gas used to produce electricity (22% of all US electricity) to vehicles. His plan also recognizes the investment and problems that the plan will need to face. Upgrading power grids, footing the multibillion dollar bills and other obstacles remain. In ten years, his plan projects that we could reduce our oil imports by 1/3, solely with natural gas and wind.

US News

Cleveland, Tennessee Based Kudzu Ethanol Preparing For Production

South Carolina Bioenergy Research Collaborative plans to build pilot cellulosic facility in Aiken

Poplar trees hold promise for fuel

U.S. Joins G-8 Plan To Halve Emissions U.S. Joins G-8 Plan To Halve Emissions

Florida entrepreneur launches plan for 120 million gallon sugarcane ethanol operation on former US Sugar land

High energy prices bringing revolution to American agriculture

Green Solution To Biofuel Production: Enzymes From Plants

No corn for oil

Pique Oil: Big Ethanol, Sick of Criticism, Lashes Out at Big Oil

Ethanol plant planned for Union County (South Carolina Barley-based Plant)

Mascoma advances plans for Michigan plant

Michael Pollan on What's Wrong with Environmentalism (discusses biofuels)

Switchgrass sprouts as biofuel replacement

UMass researchers find ultrasonic energy converts cellulose to sugar four times faster

International News

Top (China) govt official defends nation's biofuel thrust

High oil, food prices threaten global economy: G8

EU calls UK biofuel report 'one-sided'

GM (genetically modified crops) push will be hard to resist: Burke

UK blamed over Mumias Sugar’s Tana delta row

Colombia finds biofuels bonanza in sugar cane

Govt’s subsidy-based biofuel programme set to take shape (India)

Ethiopia: Al Amoudi's Firm to Secure Large Plot for Bio-Fuel

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

News and Notes - July 8, 2008

Feature Article

Who Ate My Tortillas? -- The Truth About Food vs. Fuel

This article presents a fairly balanced view of what is driving the price of food up, using the tortilla as an example. It drives home the point that corn and oil are dramatically linked in today’s society, thus affecting prices of a broad base of products. It also notes the impact corporations and speculators have on prices way before the product reaches the consumer. The article is drawn from a new documentary called “Fields of Fuel” to be released this fall.

US News

American Energy Policy, Asleep at the Spigot

First Corn Based Ethanol Plant in Southeast Set To Open Soon (Georgia)

Exxon and Chevron study new biofuels and shun food-based fuels

GIS tool available for potential Illinois plants

SequesCO combines CO2 sequestration with biofuel production

Corn prices reach into most supermarket aisles

Legendary oilman Pickens promotes revamping U.S. power policy

Ethanol business' effect on food prices is overblown

Biodiesel producers receive $16M subsidy, mandates

Hulshof defends ethanol mandate; contends Steelman is aligned with Chavez (MO Governor’s race)

Abandoned Farmlands Are Key to Sustainable Bioenergy

As soybean prices skyrocket, company finds new fuel sources (jatropha in Missouri)

Republican Buoyed By Calls For Energy Exploration

International News

$400 million UK wheat ethanol project on track despite British wobble on biofuels (BP and Dupont are involved)

The Gallagher Review of the indirect effects of biofuels production now available (UK)

Europeans Reconsider Biofuel Goal

Oil @200 is hot topic at G8 summit

Ethanol industry strikes back at C.D. Howe (Canada)

Malaysia urges developing world to plant crops for food, not fuel

Monday, July 7, 2008

News and Notes - July 7, 2008

Feature Article (Two today!)

In a comment that seems to deny all logic, the OPEC president blames ethanol for 40% of the crude-price rise. Khelil balmed the weak valuation of the dollar as the primary factor in prices (60%). A 1% decline in the value of the dollar adds $4 to the price of a barrel of crude. The low value of the dollar is widely accepted as one of the reasons the price of crude has skyrockted. However, is this same article, Khelil states that “bioenethanol alone” is responsible for the remainder of the price increase. No explanation for his theory was given. He also states that supply is sufficient and should not be changed “because the current rise in oil prices is in no one’s interest.” Seems like some of his statements defy logical thought processes everywhere.

In another article, an unpublished World Bank report blames biofuels for a 75% increase in the price of food worldwide. The report lists 3 ways that biofuels have affected the price of food. They are: “First, it has diverted grain away from food for fuel, with over a third of US corn now used to produce ethanol and about half of vegetable oils in the EU going towards the production of biodiesel. Second, farmers have been encouraged to set land aside for biofuel production. Third, it has sparked financial speculation in grains, driving prices up higher.” Speculation has also been pointed to as a reason for the increase in oil prices. Whether or not you agree with these impacts, some critics have pointed to flaws in the study. It fails to note environmental impacts, the price of petroleum in transporting good, and other items. Perhaps the World Bank will publish the report to allow for a full review.

Secret report: biofuel caused food crisis (World Bank Report blames biofuels for a 75% food price increase worldwide)

UTBI-related News

Plant plans fuel anxiety

US News

Nation needs relief from ethanol fiasco

Brazilian sugar growers launch US print, radio, TV campaign for repeal of ethanol tariff

Trade Coalition Urges Prez to Suspend Imported Ethanol Tariff

Novozymes To Build US Ethanol Enzyme Facility

Ethanol Blends May Increase Auto Emissions; Other Industries May Pay a Price for De Facto Federal Fuel Mandate

Corn board: Nebraska’s corn acreage to meet ethanol demand

U.S. and Europe Face Pressure on Biofuels

Pro Eco Energy halts its ethanol plan, closes doors (South Dakota)

S. Idaho ethanol plant faces possible fines (for odors)

The power of corncobs

Governor Crist announces E85 Ethanol now on sale to the public along Florida Turnpike

Kansas University team to test biodiesel

International News

Secret report: biofuel caused food crisis (World Bank Report blames biofuels for a 75% food price increase worldwide)

OPEC president blames ethanol for crude-price rise

Special report on India: Lalu backs jatropha

Ethanol from food? Forget it. From wood waste, maybe

2nd generation biofuels ranked eighth out of 18 climate change strategies by 1350 experts; 1st generation biofuels ranks last

Petrobras, Conoco in ethanol cooperation deal

Brazil Petrobras, Mitsui To Invest In Ethanol Project

New website highlights Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation biofuels activities

News and Notes - July 3, 2008

*BioNews will not be published, Friday, July 4, 2008 in recognition of Independence Day*

Feature Article

Each day, I plan to feature an article that is interesting, pertinent, or otherwise important. I’ll give the title and link as well as a brief synopsis of the article. Since today is the last working day before the holiday, I thought I would feature a more humorous article.

Prince of Wales converts to waste oil biodiesel, wine ethanol

What would James Bond think? Fueling an Aston Martin on wine? I believe he would have some concern about the wine being improperly used! Seriously, Prince Charles is taking the green movement to heart and is using both ethanol and biodiesel in his personal vehicles.

US News

ConocoPhillips Signs Research Agreement With Colorado Center for Biorefining and Biofuels

Stop requiring ethanol production,0,537121.story

Ill-conceived rush to ethanol

Poverty: 260m driven into hunger by push for biofuel – ActionAid

EPA considers requests on easing ethanol rules

Perry-led group got $100,000 before waiver request (Donation related to Texas RFS Waiver request?)

Brazil launches campaign to remove ethanol tariff

U.S. urged to import, not make, ethanol

UDSA Report: Corn Acreage Down 7%, Soybean Acreage up 17%

Emerging Cellulosic Ethanol Industry Could Prove to Be Boon for Forestry

Biofuel Backtalk

Energy policy is key issue in Minn. Senate race

From Wood Waste to Renewable Energy: Western Report Shows Success and Obstacles

Power Plays: The latest on alternative-energy deals from Dow Jones Clean Technology Investor

Pricey Chemicals Gleaned From Biodiesel Waste (Rice University research)

Valcent says lab results show up to 33,000 gallons per acre in algae production; harvesting, extraction, algae strain optimization research still ahead

Demonstration of Mechanized Harvesting & Bundling of Invasive Juniper

Gas Stations Reject Ethanol Blends

Promoting Ethanol Fuel Misguided; Environmental Benefits Uncertain and Costs High: C.D. Howe Institute

Volney (NY) plant says it's close to making ethanol

Legislation to implement biodiesel standard dies in Missouri

International News

Hydrated ethanol gasoline makes debut in southwestern Kunming City

Latin American leaders agree to analyze biofuels issues

Brazil's Dedini sells four ethanol plants to PDVSA (Venezuela)

EU biofuel change could cut investment-French firm