Wednesday, April 30, 2008

News and Notes - April 30, 2008


American grocers, farmers face off over ethanol subsidies

Republicans Become Source of Opposition to Ethanol Mandates as Food Prices Rise,2933,353249,00.html

Bush backs ethanol despite concern about food costs

Farm Bill conference committee expected to vote this week; biodiesel tax break gone; ethanol tariff extended to 2010

Ethanol Industry supports Farm Bill changes

Far from disaster, biofuels do good for state

Future Fuels May Forever Be Under Media Attack

Sen. Domenici aims to lift fuel restriction on military


Fiat to launch ethanol truck engine in Brazil

Biofuel tech companies look for market niche

GM plants to provide plastic alternative

World food price crisis blamed on government neglect

UP (India) govt. permits sugar mills to make ethanol from sugarcane

And a little humor for the day…

Stephen Colbert Breaks Down The Ethanol Debate. Which, incidentally, will help us defeat soccer.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

News and Notes - April 29, 2008

UTBI in the News:

Mascoma and UT join in $26 million DOE grant

Other News:

Senate proposes $1.01 per gallon ethanol tax credit; ethanol tariff 50/50 chance of expiring this year, analyst projects

Biofuel production is ‘criminal path’ leading to global food crisis: UN expert

Bring on the right biofuel crops

Key farm-state lawmakers shifting support to cellulosic fuel

A cleaner fuel print: Ethanol-blended fuels are coming to a gas station near you -- sooner than you might think (Florida preparing to mandate E10)

Monsanto enters partnership to make biofuel from grass

Biotech execs say biofuels no threat to food supply

Testing the Water

Flocks Or Feedstocks (CRP Land Debate)

Monday, April 28, 2008

News and Notes - April 28, 2008

Farm bill boosts nutrition and cuts ethanol credit (by 6 cents, buts creates new credit for cellulosic ethanol)

Trade war brewing over US biofuel subsidies

Coskata to build demonstration cellulosic ethanol plant in Pennsylvania

Oklahoma to seed over 1,000 acres to switchgrass

Analyst says end of ethanol oversupply in sight

Why biofuels have backfired

Lula to rich nations: 'Stop your hypocrisy,' buy Brazil biofuel

E-Fuel Microfueler Saviour For Luxury Gas Guzzlers

Texas wants waiver from federal ethanol standard and

USDA, DOE secretaries: Time article misses the mark

The New Economics of Hunger

Brazil trip opens French lawmakers' eyes to biofuel vs. food debate

Friday, April 25, 2008

News and Notes - April 25, 2008

UTBI in the News:

Farmer says ethanol not to blame for rising food prices (One of UT’s switchgrass producers, text and video)

Other News:

Crop management strategies key to a healthy Gulf, planet

More Americans Worry About Energy Issues, Poll Finds, Than Home Foreclosures, Jobs or Global Warming

BP buys into Brazilian ethanol venture ($560 million)

Ethanol Maker Buys Exxon's Brazil Outlets

Biobutanol: The Next Big Biofuel?

Coskata: Biomass choices are nearly limitless

MSU releases third corn variety for cellulosic ethanol

Ethanol facility not really ‘pork’

Food Crisis Starts Eclipsing Climate Change Worries

China meat consumption change uses more grain than US ethanol industry, Biofuels Digest study reports

Hungry Like the Ethanol Wolf

Texas Gov Mulls Seeking Waiver From US Renewable Fuel Rule

Thursday, April 24, 2008

News and Notes - 4/24/08

Upcoming Seminar: Discuss the Food vs. Fuel Bioenergy Debate Friday -

Chattanooga: Mixed fuel for your tank (UTBI highlighted)

Networks Ignore Government's Role in Ethanol-Driven Global Food Crisis (ABC, NBC and CBS news networks ran 69 stories about corn ethanol since January 2007)

Farm Income Up, but Subsidies Stay

Thai PM lashes out at World Bank over biofuel criticism

Newly Created Microbe Produces Cellulose And Sugars For Biofuels

Goldman Sachs Says Window `Closing Fast' for Oil Drop

Praising petroleum

Far from Middle East, U.S. farmland yields new oil

Ethanol Promotion and Information Council Director Nuernberg: Biofuels Not at Fault in Food Crisis

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

News and Notes - 4/22/08

Organizing Biomass Farmers (with Tennessee highlighted)

Gulf Ethanol: ''We won’t burn your food''

Cellulosic ethanol to surpass 14 years (so says Novozymes)

Leaders warn on biofuels and food (Bolivian president says capitalist system needs to end to save the earth)

GM Chief Dismisses Panic Over Ethanol

EU biodiesel group to seek duties on U.S. imports

Study Shows Ethanol is More Efficient
(Argonne National Laboratory released a report, based on ethanol industry data from 2001 to 2006, concluding that ethanol plants used 26.6 percent less water, 15.7 percent less grid electricity, and 21.8 percent less overall energy in producing ethanol, per gallon.)

Gas Reaches $3.50, With Little Hope for Relief

OPEC: Oil Market 'Detached' from Supply and Demand

OPEC Lays It on the Line at IEF: 'Increase Security for Demand'

Study Develops More Accurate CO2 Data

BIOMASS 08: Tilman, Lynd, Greene discuss future of biofuels

Managing Woody Biomass

Developing Yeast Strains for Biomass-to-Ethanol Production

Available Grant Programs

University Biomass Research
The U.S. Department of Energy requests proposals for University
Research in Biomass Technologies: Applied Research in Conversion of
Biomass to Advance Fuels. This initiative will support innovative
and unique approaches to addressing the needs of biochemical and
thermochemical processing of biomass as implemented in integrated
biorefinery operations. $4 million expected to be available, up to
12 awards anticipated. Letters of Intent to apply are optional and
are due 4/28/08, final proposals due 6/2/08. For more info, contact
Bob Kingsley at or go to:
Refer to Sol# DE-PS36-08GO98017. ( 3/31/08)

Biomass Engineering
The National Science Foundation requests proposals for
Biotechnology, Biochemical, and Biomass Engineering. This
initiative supports research that addresses problems involved in
economic processing and manufacturing of products of economic
importance by effectively utilizing renewable resources of
biological origin and bio-informatics originating from genomic and
proteomic information. Responses due 9/15/08. For more info,
contact Frederick Heineken at or go to:
Refer to Sol# PD-08-1491. ( 4/17/08)

Bio-Oil Stabilization
The U.S. Department of Energy requests proposals for Biomass Fast
Pyrolysis Oil (Bio-oil) Stabilization. Through this initiative, DOE
seeks practical, cost effective methods for stabilizing biomass fast
pyrolysis oil. $7 million expected to be available, up to 7 awards
anticipated. Response due 5/29/08. For more info, contact
Melissa Wise at or go to:
Refer to Sol# DE-PS36-08GO98018. ( 4/16/08)

Energy Analysis and Technical Assistance
The U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory
seeks proposal for energy related analysis and technical assistance
in support of NREL’s ongoing energy efficiency and renewable energy
programs. The overall objective of this solicitation is to
establish task ordering agreements with multiple organizations to
provide analysis and technical assistance as needed by NREL. Area
of interest include: Technology, systems and applications analysis;
market analysis; policy and benefits analysis; and program analysis
and evaluation. Responses due 5/5/08. For more info, contact
Laura Hughes at or go to:
Refer to Sol# RCX-8-88280. (FBO 4/16/08)

News and Notes - 4/21/08

The biggest news of the day: Mascoma/UT awarded $26 million from the US DOE for the Biofuels Initiative!

Don't Blame Ethanol For Soaring Food Prices (US Farm Bureau President Guest Column),0,2345791.story

Corn-Based Ethanol Tied to Higher Food Costs (As said by Sec. of Energy Bodman)

Praj Industries researchers announce discovery of ethanol blend matching gasoline energy

Crash could follow farm boom: Ethanol cash boosts crop prices

Food miles don't feed climate change - meat does

Barreling Along: The Big Thirst (Population growth impacts on oil industry)

Emerging Market Oil Use Exceeds U.S. as Prices Rise

News and Notes - 4/18/08

Germany touts wood residue, straw and sour milk as biofuel sources (Daimler and Volkswagen)

Ethanol incentives, farm payments may be cut (Continuing Farm Bill Negotiations)

Merkel, Like Lula, Rejects Biofuels as Root of Food-Price Rises

The Ethanol Apologists

Brazil Region to Turn Record 58% of Cane Into Ethanol (Update2)

U.S. needs to add 3 million acres of corn

Will biodiesel tax credit be extended?
Related: Troubled (US) biodiesel plants find market in Europe

AAA says E85 is 8% higher in cost per mile than gasoline

According to a Virginia Tech study, the most water-efficient energy sources are natural gas and synthetic fuels produced by coal gasification. The least water-efficient energy sources are fuel ethanol and biodiesel.

Brazilian Ethanol Imports May Increase: Market Analysts

Biomass Plant Added to FSU's Master Plan

News and Notes - 4/16/08

Ethanol plant builder ICM lays off 105

The biofuel factor in rising food prices: Those who say it's all the fault of biofuels are wrong and those that say that none of the fault belongs to biofuels are wrong.

Biofuel Rule Will Do More Harm Than Good, Oxfam Says

300-Bushel Corn is Coming

Corn Primed for Making Biofuel: Researchers design a crop that can break down its own cellulose

Blow to introduction of greener fuel as oil firms face production delay (UK)

Fueling Bioenergy Endeavors (Highlights several Biofuels Projects Around the Nation, including the UT Biofuels Initiative on Page 26 and it also includes an article by Al Womac on page 30)