Monday, June 30, 2008

News and Notes - June 30, 2008

US News

Hoarding Nations Drive Food Costs Ever Higher

McCain and Obama share energy goals, but not methods

Bio-insanity: Ethanol subsidies will make food costs from flooding worse

Feeding and fueling the future: the bioenergy potential of reviving abandoned agricultural land

VeraSun Energy to debut E30 in South Dakota

Ethanol Delays: Is There an Industry Slowdown?

Ill-conceived rush to ethanol

WI DNR finds hundreds of violations of ethanol plant's permit

Food Price Facts

International News

95 Mgy S├╝dzucker ethanol plant opens in Germany; largest in Europe

Will Rice Fuel the Next Ethanol Trend?

Friday, June 27, 2008

News and Notes - June 27, 2008

UTBI-related News

Tennessee Biofuels Initiative on track to build biorefinery

US News

Food price spike: Is ethanol to blame?

Biofuels Economics: How Many Acres Will Be Needed For Biofuels? Part I

Soybean market prompts search for alternatives

SC passes ethanol law challenged by oil companies

Big Oil challenging South Carolina law

State (MI) races to be 1st big wood ethanol maker

Louisiana Law Promotes Non-Corn Ethanol

Group wants Corzine to ask for ethanol cuts

Schwarzenegger criticizes McCain's offshore drilling proposal,0,1954634.story

General Motors Offers New Model Flex Fuel Vehicles to Better Use E85 Fuel

University of Kentucky's Center for Applied Energy Research to Offer "Biomass to Biofuels" Course

Home ethanol maker gets boost from record oil

International News

Edmonton to use waste for fuel

The Government of Canada Biofuels Bill Receives Royal Assent

Thursday, June 26, 2008

News and Notes - June 26, 2008

US News

World biofuels output to more than double by 2030

VeraSun Energy puts 3rd ethanol plant on hold

Georgia company to produce 1 Mgy of biodiesel

Perry: Ethanol mandate harms livestock, food industries

Performance Plants Establishes U.S. Biofuels Facility

Monsanto Targets Higher US Corn Planting, To Boost Prices

CleanTech Biofuels Enters Agreement with Terra Vista Systems to Develop Additional Revenue Streams Through Carbon Credit Protocols

Street downgrades ethanol makers, corn refiners

Kansas State University's Grain Science and Industry Program to Offer Degree in Biofuels Production and Management

Pacific Biodiesel Opens Quality Assurance Lab in Salem, OR

Range Fuels Appoints Pat Wood III to Board of Directors

International News

Biofuel use 'increasing poverty'

Brazil signs deal to export sustainable ethanol

EU biodiesel capacity seen rising 55 pct in 2008

Conservation groups aghast at Kenyan fuel-crop project

DJ Brazil Petrobras To Launch Biofuel Unit Thursday

Oil-Dependent Japan Tries Turning Rice Into Fuel

Govt needs to set jatropha price (India)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

News and Notes - June 24, 2008

US News

Perry sees harm of ethanol

Texas Governor Rick Perry's ethanol stance stirs up backers, foes

Scientists Across the Nation Counsel California to Regulate Low Carbon Fuel Standard on Hard Data Only and Not on Speculative Indirect Impacts Where No Data or Consensus Exists,445397.shtml

Renewable Energy a 'Finance-driven' Industry

Obama's Evolving Ethanol Rhetoric

Biomaterials Increasingly Driving Investment Interest

Repeal ethanol mandates to ease global food shortage

Butterball cites ethanol policy in local job cuts

Proposed Wilmington (NC) biodiesel plant suspends work

Flooding Continues to Limit Ethanol Production

Syntec drops $250K biomass technology licence fee for grain ethanol producers

Ethanol company forges new plans (FL)

International News

Copersucar eyes rise in Brazil ethanol exports

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

News and Notes - June 24, 2008

UTBI-Related News

Washington: Fundraising difficulties won’t throw fuel project off track

Mascoma to Play Smaller Role in Pilot Project

US News

Novozymes to build new USD 80-100 million production facility in Nebraska to meet future demands for enzymes in the bioethanol industry

Keith Collins: The Role of Biofuels and Other Factors in Increasing Farm and Food Prices

Elam: Biofuel Support Costs to the U.S. Economy: The Key Role of the RFS in a Feedstock Shortage Scenario

Back away from the biofuels, Obama

Switchgrass research fields sprout (AR)

Switching to Switch Grass?

Postponing Renewable Fuel Standards Will Not Reduce Corn Prices, Says Texas A & M Study

Biofuels put bucks over ducks (CRP discussion)

Vinod Khosla responds to Wall Street Journal: “all biofuels are not the same”

Weather Bumping Up Corn Prices

Blend Standards Set for Biodiesel Nationally

Okoboji (Iowa) area plant set to open amid rising corn prices

International News

New use for the noxious weed (tobacco seeds)

DJ Noble To Invest $300M In Brazil Ethanol Mill – Report

CM to open first ethanol plant in coastal AP today (India)

Monday, June 23, 2008

News and Notes - June 23, 2008

UTBI-related News

UT Reports on Progress of Biofuels Initiative

UT downsizes ethanol project

US News

Obama Camp Closely Linked With Ethanol

John McCain to push new measures to lower auto emissions;_ylt=Am9.mbSyPTQO1H1rZ7HFKcwE1vAI

McCain oil plan relies on Middle East

EPA May Limit Fuels' Greenhouse Emissions

Awash in bad news, makers of ethanol aren't panicking

International Woodfiber Report: Biomass Projects to Be a $1.5 Billion Market By 2012

Pellet Properties (Overview of Pellet Industry)

Cereal Process Technologies, LLC Completes Fractionation Plant Startup Phase

Proposed ethanol plant may make dioxins,dioxins.article

BioFuel Energy starts up Fairmont (MN) ethanol plant

DENSO Begins Evaluating the Use of Biodiesel Fuel to Power Industrial Heat Pump Air Conditioners

Sustaining growing population requires bold changes

UH tests ethanol (sugar cane) waste as animal feed

Dynamic Fuels Secures Preliminary Approval for Bonds Venture by Tyson Foods and Syntroleum to use Louisiana GO Zone Bonds

Abengoa Bioenergy and AEP MEMCO to Move Into New Headquarters in Downtown Chesterfield, MO

Burley ethanol plant shows Idaho's potential for economic opportunity

Stop begging and start drilling

Edgar ethanol-conversion business fueled by air-quality concerns (Company sells flexfuel conversion kits)

International News

China Sharply Raises Energy Prices

Mitsubishi, others eye non-food ethanol fuel plant

Biofuel bill watered down, but still opposed by Nats (New Zealand)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

News and Notes - June 19, 2008

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US News

Knoxville (TN) ethanol company pulls plug on proposed Illinois plants

Bio-initiative looking for ‘a few good farmers’ (Memphis BioWorks Foundation)

McCain calls for building 45 new nuclear reactors

Economists, Environmentalists, and Food Industry Experts Urge EPA to Roll Back RFS

Green power firm picks Lamar; expected to go online in 2011 (50 MW plant to be built in GA) (Scroll about halfway down)

Frontline teams with Fagen

Biodiesel standard nearing reality

The Economic Impact of the Missouri E-10 Ethanol Mandate

Ethanol Plant Closings May Accelerate As Margins Vanish

Gulf Ethanol Unveils New Cellulosic Reduction Technology for Sorghum and Other Biomass Processing

International News

Brazil's Ethanol Exports May Gain From U.S. Floods, Unica Says

Lignol commences construction of major new cellulosic ethanol pilot plant

Israel set to commercialise algae biodiesel production

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

News and Notes - June 18, 2008

US News

Remarks by John McCain on Energy Security (Text of Houston speech)

Pelosi Statement in Advance of the President's Anticipated Energy Address Tomorrow (Free Registration Required to View);jsessionid=879BAB9B73D00FF0B8D165B6DC7E16AF.tomcat2?resourceid=3758566&access=RS

US ethanol losses from flooding minimal – industry

RFA: Impact of Flooding on Corn and Ethanol Production Still Unclear, But Last Year's Record Crop Will Help Buffer Losses

US Govt's Options In Potential Corn Crisis Limited

Anaerobic Organisms Key to Coskata’s Rapid Rise

American plant Kudzu is a potential source for obtaining biofuel

Case Approves Use of B20 Biodiesel Blends for Construction Equipment

Florida Farmers Look to Tropical Fruit as Newest Source of Biofuel,2933,367541,00.html

Ethanol Industry Urged to Submit EPA Comments

EPA Recognizes Two Ethanol Facilities in Iowa and Kansas that Demonstrate Exceptional Energy Savings!OpenDocument

Making biodiesel on the farm

Grass: It’s Not Just for Grazing

International News

Human cost of Brazil's biofuels boom,0,5384361.story?track=rss

Rostekhnologia Makes Biofuel In Vietnam

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

News and Notes - June 17, 2008

US News

All Biofuels Are Not The Same (Khosla editorial in Washington Post)

Street downgrades ethanol makers, corn refiners (Corn futures hit $8)

Ethanol's advantages far outweigh costs

Big Guns Tackle Next-Gen Ethanol

Biofuel research by Austin Peay SU biology prof could help lessen fuel crisis

Company claims consultant stole ethanol plant idea (Empire State Ethanol sues BBI International)

Rice hulls/straw to be feedstock for ethanol facility

More incentives needed for cellulosic ethanol

Gulf Ethanol Announces Completion of Cellulosic Preprocessor for Ethanol

Allegro Signs Definitive Agreement to Sell Biodiesel Plant and Related Assets

Mendel Biotechnology and MMR Genetics Announce Sorghum Biofuels Collaboration

Fueling Hunger

International News

Naturol (India) to export biodiesel to Europe

Nestle Chairman: Biofuels are "ethically indefensible"

Jatropha beckons

Monday, June 16, 2008

News and Notes - June 16, 2008

US News

Biofuels from Switchgrass Offer 540 Percent Return on Energy Inputs (New USDA Study Results)

U.S. House subcommittee discusses biofuels

Report: McCain blasts US corn subsidies, supports Brazil's entry onto UN Security Council

US wants biotech to help solve global food crisis

Quest for Oil: Where to Look Is the Question

When Gas Prices Lead to Roads Less Traveled

Beware of the Allure of Ethanol Investing

Consolidation seen for US biodiesel industry

Researchers at UTA work on turning lignite into oil

Ethanol Maker Delays 2 Midwest Plant Openings (Verasun)

Bio Ethanol and Bio Pharmaceuticals Industries Keep The U.S. Industrial Enzyme Market Afloat

ICM making food along with ethanol: The fuelmaker is adding a process that will make oil and protein for human consumption as part of ethanol production.

Barnett: U.S. sits pretty in global food trade network

Increasing Crop Yield and Commercializing Cellulosic Biofuels are Key to Meeting Demand for Feed, Fiber and Transportation Fuels

International News

Rough ride for bio-fuel options (India)

Friday, June 13, 2008

News and Notes - June 13, 2008

UTBI-related News

Local production of switchgrass hot topic at UT Beef and Forage Field Day

US News

Big Corn and Ethanol Hoax

Ethanol focus turns to efficiency

Researchers link E. coli, ethanol by-product

Harvard, SunEthanol to collaborate on biofuels

MS State Researchers receive EPA Biodiesel Grant

University of Illinois farm near Pana helps build case for grasses as biofuels

Converting Manure to Oil: U of I Lays Groundwork for One-of-a-Kind Pilot Plant

Thieves steal leftover grease to make biodiesel fuel

International News

European Union Threatens Tariffs on U.S. Biodiesel

Neste to build biodiesel plant in Netherlands

Biodiesel can’t be blamed for spiralling food prices says MEP

Suncor to Spend C$120 Million to Expand Ethanol Plant (Canada)

Kiwifruit - the fuzzy, brown fuel of the future?

Venture eyes diesel from woody biomass

Thursday, June 12, 2008

News and Notes - June 12, 2008

US News

Government: Ethanol helps keep gas prices low

U.S. biofuels industry presses for tax breaks

BP says oil industry did not prepare for high demand

Energy Dept.: Gas Prices To Stay High

Algenol trains algae to turn carbon into ethanol

Retuning Bacteria: Gene-silencing techniques for bacteria could mean more-efficient biofuel production

Baucus-Backed Measure In Limbo After Failed Cloture Vote (Credits and Incentives for biodiesel, solar, clean coal and other technologies)

Coskata Raising Cash to Scale Up Next-Gen Ethanol

Planting of switchgrass plot in Panhandle begins

USDA Official Supports Ethanol

WASDE: USDA raises projections for soybean prices

Cottondale plant cranks out biofuel (Florida Wood Pellet Plant)

Arizona's Largest Renewable Energy Plant Commences Commercial Operations

International News

Biofuels should run on solar energy not on taxpayers dollars

Worldwide trade of wood pellets reached a record three million tons in 2007

Peruvian biofuel producer starts jatropha nursery

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

News and Notes - June 11, 2008

US News

Food-related industries launch anti-biofuel campaign (“Food before Fuel”)

Biofuels not the reason for rising food prices

Oil consumption forecasts cut as prices surge

ICGA and IRFA Expose Trickery of Anti-Ethanol Critics

Raven Plans to Build Biorefinery to Produce Cellulosic Ethanol From Wood Waste in Washington State

Alabama plant to begin producing ethanol from waste wood

Fibrowatt chooses N.C. Biomass plant site (Poultry Litter for 40MW of power)

Ethanol Vs. Methanol

Biotech pros press algae into biodiesel production

Biofuels burn bright in Oregon's future

U.S. Corn Crop May Drop 10% as Yields Fall, USDA Says (Update1)

Plant Fuel Demand Puts Premium on Camelina Crop

BlueFire Ethanol bets on household trash

International News

OECD official urges that biofuel subsidies be scrapped

King Corn wins battle at UN

Suppliers ready for E85 fuel, but pricing still an issue (Thailand)

Stanley Ho and Ferro Ribeiro’s Geocapital focuses on biofuels

The toxic 'wonder plant' that split world food summit (Jatropha)

Crude inferno ignites biodiesel interest (India)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

News and Notes - June 10, 2008

US News

Herseth Sandlin Leads Effort to Preserve Renewable Fuels Standard

Farm-Belt Voters Favor Eliminating or Scaling Back Corn Ethanol Mandate, New Poll Finds
and Biofuels Digest analyzes the survey here

Research into biofuel crops under way (Clemson University)

The race for nonfood biofuel

Revenues From Biofuels to Double in Four Years

Smear campaign targets ethanol (Ed. - Sen. Grassley shoots back at the Grocers Association)

Governors Supporting Ethanol (Ed. - Midwest Govs oppose RFS waivers)

Grease shortage worries Oregon's fledgling biodiesel industry

Algae oil promises truly green fuel

USDA says 74 percent of corn emerged, compared to 89 percent five year average, as weather threatens crop failure

Pinnacle Biofuels to Utilize Greenline Industries' Waterless Processing Technology to Produce Biodiesel at Crossett, AR Plant

Danisco enzymes improve DDGS

U.S. DDGS exports rise

Pollution Violations May Test Public Support for Biodiesel

International News

Lula Says Oil Companies Make `War' Against Brazilian Ethanol

Pipeline Projects On Hold

Money -- and patience -- needed for 2nd-generation biofuels

Ethiopia eyes biofuels, says no risk to crops

Nitish asks Centre to amend ethanol production law

Monday, June 9, 2008

News and Notes - June 9, 2008

US News

In Energy Policy, McCain, Obama Differ on Role of Government

Colombians to make ethanol from sugar (in Louisiana)

Ethanol Stocks Are Poised to Refuel

Ethanol Producers in Trouble as Corn Sets New Record

U.S. bill to cut ethanol tariff going nowhere fast

Gasoline rises above $4 a gallon for first time;_ylt=ApFjrhH1Ll1cAHdwo_hk7J4E1vAI

Ethanol executive still is fired up about fuel alternative

Gov. Henry Signs Bill Funding Oklahoma Bioenergy Center, Strengthens State’s Role in Development of Renewable Energy

International News

Don't blame Brazilian biofuels

GM Holden planning to build smaller vehicle in Australia

Friday, June 6, 2008

News and Notes - June 6, 2008

US News

Senate action on climate bill seems doomed;_ylt=AobwEFHmYRJjxi_eqF9.PdwE1vAI

Statement by Sec. of Agriculture Ed Schafer on the high level Conference on Food Security in Rome, Italy!ut/p/_s.7_0_A/7_0_1OB?contentidonly=true&contentid=2008/06/0151.xml

Considering Both Food and Fuel, Ethanol saves families money

Morgan Stanley Says WTI Crude May Reach $150 by July on Freight

What Comes First? (Industry or Educated Workforce?)

Cellulosic Ethanol Path is Paved With Various Technologies

S.D. voters OK plan for first new U.S. oil refinery in 30 years

Pennsylvania pushes for passage of $850 million clean energy, biofuels plan

Dow sees bright future in biotech

Camilla (GA) ethanol plant nears completion (100 mgy)

International News

International Energy Agency says 2050 baseline scenario is for oil demand to rise 70% - equivalent to five times today’s production of Saudi Arabia

Mexico blasts U.S., EU biofuel subsidies

FACTBOX-World biofuels production and its impact

Canadian ethanol capacity soon to hit billion-litre mark

Energy experts: China not to sacrifice food for fuel

Formula 1 considering switch to ethanol?

Biofuel industries pleased by U.N. summit resolution

Thursday, June 5, 2008

News and Notes - June 5, 2008

US News

Memphis Bioworks Heads to the Farm

12 Companies racing to build cellulosic ethanol plants in the US

Armed with Facts, USDA Ready to Defend Ethanol

US Ag Secy Says Genetically Modified Food Output Must Rise

Monsanto Seeks Big Increase in Crop Yields

Ethanol Push Shows Congress is Not Serious About Oil Independence

SunEthanol brings DuPont exec Frey in as CEO

Biotechnology seen as a key to solving food crisis

Start-up takes over abandoned ethanol project

International News

Brazil cellulosic ethanol plant possible in 5 yrs

Dow Chem Unit, Brazil Sugar Co To Make Plastic From Ethanol

U.N. shows some sense: International body offers good advice on world food crisis

GLOBAL: Bad ethanol, good ethanol

End to ethanol could stave off grain crisis

Biofuels make useful villain for food crisis

Fuel a factor at UN food talks,0,7088636.story

China needs new policies to kickstart biofuel sector – expert

Thailand to cut ethanol taxes

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

News and Notes - June 3, 2008

US News

NCGA, Other Grower Groups Demand Food Companies “Cease The Attacks” On Ethanol

SD Sen. Thune Highlights Farm Bill Biomass Crop Assistance Program for Cellulosic Ethanol Development

Biofuels in the Future

U.S. DDGS exports rise

Gates set to dump half his stake in Pacific Ethanol

Pacific Institute releases study results on GHG emissions

New Solvents May Lead to Better Biofuels (Ionic Liquids)

Texas May Get Next Cellulosic Ethanol Plant

Novozymes will make enzymes for biodiesel

SunEthanol seeks funding for fuel-making bug (gets new CEO)

Kelley Blue Book Marketing Research Study Shows New Car Buyers Associate Biofuel Demand With Rising Food Prices

Cattle: Potential Mold Related Problems In Ethanol Co-Products

Groups Push For Ethanol Growth (Hawaii)

International News

World grain prices to remain high with supply tight

India unlikely to meet target for biofuel mix

EP wants to drop the biofuel 10% target

Brazil not to plant sugar cane in Amazon: president

DJ Brazil New Sugar Production Dn 25%, Ethanol Dn 4.9% - Unica

Monday, June 2, 2008

News and Notes - June 2, 2008


Tennessee: Switching grass for gas

US News

Plant waste biofuels benefit from food debate

Food Report Criticizes Biofuel Policies

Anti-ethanol coalition stokes food versus fuel debate

Ribbon-cutting ceremony held for largest US ethanol plant

Sugar-to-ethanol sweetens farm bill

The Bad News about Ethanol you haven’t heard, yet

Report Released: The Effects of Climate Change on Agriculture, Land Resources, Water Resources, and Biodiversity

Algae Startups Confront Promise of Miracle Fuel With Big Summer

U.S. Development Group opens ethanol terminal in Arlington (TX)

International News

Brazil to defend biofuels at U.N. summit in Rome

Yesterday's food complacency proves hard to swallow

Growing bio-fuel demand underpinning higher agriculture prices, says joint OECD-FAO report,3343,de_2649_201185_38893378_1_1_1_1,00.html

INTERVIEW-Biofuel programmes need rethink – UNDP

Brazil offers Central America Mercosur and ethanol

Petrobras plans ethanol export pipelines

Tanzania blows hot and cold over biofuels

News and Notes - May 29, 2008

US News

Verenium begins commissioning phase of cellulosic ethanol plant

CBOT Corn Review: Lower On USDA Decision To Release Lands (Ed. - Cattle grazing allowed on 24 million acres of CRP land)

Rahall Calls Growth in Ethanol Production 'a Serious Misstep'

Turning Algae Into Gasoline

Biomass to Biofuels Market Potential – A report available for purchase

International News

Oil Exporters Are Unable To Keep Up With Demand

Canada House gives green light to biofuel bill

Global Trade of Woodchips Increased 6% in 2007, Reaching New Records

News and Notes - May 29, 2008

US News

Verenium begins commissioning phase of cellulosic ethanol plant

CBOT Corn Review: Lower On USDA Decision To Release Lands (Ed. - Cattle grazing allowed on 24 million acres of CRP land)

Rahall Calls Growth in Ethanol Production 'a Serious Misstep'

Turning Algae Into Gasoline

Biomass to Biofuels Market Potential – A report available for purchase

International News

Oil Exporters Are Unable To Keep Up With Demand

Canada House gives green light to biofuel bill

Global Trade of Woodchips Increased 6% in 2007, Reaching New Records

News and Notes - May 28, 2008

US News

Bipartisan Senate group, the Ethanol Six, denounces Grocery Manufacturers “smear campaign” against biofuels

Verenium Begins Commissioning Phase at Demonstration-Scale Cellulosic Ethanol Plant in Jennings, LA

Corn ethanol plant stalls, with sustainability doubts and financing crunch (MI)

Carbon Americans vs. Ethanol Americans

Biofuels: Fungus Use Improves Corn-to-ethanol Process

The World According to Ethanol

Hawaii Governor Lingle Signs Bill To Encourage Biofuel Production

Former state official (NC) pleads guilty to corruption charges (Ed. – took bribes from Agri-Ethanol for permits)

IRL Technical Director Says Good Fuel Mileage Possible wtih Ethanol

International News

D1 Oils faces criticism over 'miracle' jatropha

Lula (Brazil) proposes "global pact" on biofuels

Rice In Your Gas Tank: Boosting Biofuel Production From Rice Straw

Air NZ to test biofuel,23599,23771641-1702,00.html