Thursday, April 24, 2008

News and Notes - 4/24/08

Upcoming Seminar: Discuss the Food vs. Fuel Bioenergy Debate Friday -

Chattanooga: Mixed fuel for your tank (UTBI highlighted)

Networks Ignore Government's Role in Ethanol-Driven Global Food Crisis (ABC, NBC and CBS news networks ran 69 stories about corn ethanol since January 2007)

Farm Income Up, but Subsidies Stay

Thai PM lashes out at World Bank over biofuel criticism

Newly Created Microbe Produces Cellulose And Sugars For Biofuels

Goldman Sachs Says Window `Closing Fast' for Oil Drop

Praising petroleum

Far from Middle East, U.S. farmland yields new oil

Ethanol Promotion and Information Council Director Nuernberg: Biofuels Not at Fault in Food Crisis

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