Friday, April 25, 2008

News and Notes - April 25, 2008

UTBI in the News:

Farmer says ethanol not to blame for rising food prices (One of UT’s switchgrass producers, text and video)

Other News:

Crop management strategies key to a healthy Gulf, planet

More Americans Worry About Energy Issues, Poll Finds, Than Home Foreclosures, Jobs or Global Warming

BP buys into Brazilian ethanol venture ($560 million)

Ethanol Maker Buys Exxon's Brazil Outlets

Biobutanol: The Next Big Biofuel?

Coskata: Biomass choices are nearly limitless

MSU releases third corn variety for cellulosic ethanol

Ethanol facility not really ‘pork’

Food Crisis Starts Eclipsing Climate Change Worries

China meat consumption change uses more grain than US ethanol industry, Biofuels Digest study reports

Hungry Like the Ethanol Wolf

Texas Gov Mulls Seeking Waiver From US Renewable Fuel Rule

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