Monday, April 28, 2008

News and Notes - April 28, 2008

Farm bill boosts nutrition and cuts ethanol credit (by 6 cents, buts creates new credit for cellulosic ethanol)

Trade war brewing over US biofuel subsidies

Coskata to build demonstration cellulosic ethanol plant in Pennsylvania

Oklahoma to seed over 1,000 acres to switchgrass

Analyst says end of ethanol oversupply in sight

Why biofuels have backfired

Lula to rich nations: 'Stop your hypocrisy,' buy Brazil biofuel

E-Fuel Microfueler Saviour For Luxury Gas Guzzlers

Texas wants waiver from federal ethanol standard and

USDA, DOE secretaries: Time article misses the mark

The New Economics of Hunger

Brazil trip opens French lawmakers' eyes to biofuel vs. food debate

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capnjohn said...

Re: Oklahoma switchgrass --
Abengoa building $400 million project in Hugoton, KS per their news release. 85 million gpy EtOH ex corn and 30 MM gpy EtOH ex cellulosics using 700 tons/day cellulosics. Received $76 MM DoE grant.