Wednesday, April 30, 2008

News and Notes - April 30, 2008


American grocers, farmers face off over ethanol subsidies

Republicans Become Source of Opposition to Ethanol Mandates as Food Prices Rise,2933,353249,00.html

Bush backs ethanol despite concern about food costs

Farm Bill conference committee expected to vote this week; biodiesel tax break gone; ethanol tariff extended to 2010

Ethanol Industry supports Farm Bill changes

Far from disaster, biofuels do good for state

Future Fuels May Forever Be Under Media Attack

Sen. Domenici aims to lift fuel restriction on military


Fiat to launch ethanol truck engine in Brazil

Biofuel tech companies look for market niche

GM plants to provide plastic alternative

World food price crisis blamed on government neglect

UP (India) govt. permits sugar mills to make ethanol from sugarcane

And a little humor for the day…

Stephen Colbert Breaks Down The Ethanol Debate. Which, incidentally, will help us defeat soccer.

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