Wednesday, May 14, 2008

News and Notes - May 14, 2008

US News

Corn production decline puts more pressure on ethanol industry

Rising food prices prompt new ethanol bill

DuPont, Genencor form $140M ethanol venture

Ethanol Economics Boosted By Pipelines - VeraSun CEO

Pacific Ethanol projects $36.2 million loss

Senator lists seven steps toward energy security in 5 years

The Whys and Hows of Energy Taxes

Hannity Exposes Gore’s Connection to Ethanol and Higher Food Prices

Ethanol's value questioned: Some point finger at biofuel for soaring food prices

BASF says seed sales with Monsanto to start in 2012 (Drought resistant corn seeds)

Iowa retailers get help installing alternative fuel pumps,0,4035809.story

Too "Complex"?

International News

RPT-Law, not grain price, hits biofuel output –Abengoa (Interesting comments on how long it’s Spain plant could remain closed “frankly, it could be forever”)

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