Monday, May 12, 2008

News and Notes - May 9, 2008

US News

The attached document has some interesting comparisons of current grain and fuel prices/stocks to a year ago.

Canadian company nixes Idaho for ethanol plant (Iogen cancels plans for cellulosic plant in US, will build in Canada)

Congress Agrees on Farm Bill as Bush Veto Is Threatened

Plow It Under: A farm bill larded with giveaways deserves President Bush's veto

McCain’s uneasy return to Iowa (Says he would veto Farm Bill too)

Dingell: Use EPA rulemaking process to correct RFS shortcomings

Cellulosic Ethanol Focus at Hearing

NREL Survey Shows 90% of Biodiesel Samples Met ASTM Specs in 2007

Argonne National Lab updates GREET Model

Plant Utilization Slows February’s U.S. Ethanol Output’s%20U.S.%20Ethanol%20Output%20.html

Ethanol reduces gas prices by $0.29-$0.40 per gallon, says downloadable study

Food crisis provides opening for array of ethanol opponents

Minnesota mandates B20 by 2015 (about 2/3 of the way through the article)

Feedstock makes a difference in feeding distiller's grains

Corn Dogs: Gas prices keep rising. So why are ethanol producers hurting?

Crying Over Spilt Milk: Everyone's talking about the rising costs of food. But for most Americans, the reality isn't so dire.

Planting seeds for a bio future (Memphis BioWorks Foundation)

Oil vs. ethanol: What's riskier?

Big Ethanol Plant Proposed for Port: Developers Say New Technology Would Make It More Efficient Than Existing Facilities

International News

UN Expert: Biofuels Production Adds to Global Food Crisis

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