Thursday, May 15, 2008

News and Notes - May 15, 2008

UTBI-related News

Our Mascoma Math Coma

US News

Rome (NY – Mascoma) ethanol plant will convert wood chips into fuel

More on DuPont, Genencor form $140M ethanol venture

House OKs farm bill by veto-proof margin,0,4147322.story

Farm bill reduces support for corn ethanol

Bush advisor downplays ethanol's role in food prices

Experts and Officials Say Blaming Ethanol for Food Cost is Wrong

Stop ethanol debacle now

Biofuels Digest Newsmaker: Ethanol guru Dr. Bruce Dale (Interview)

Grocery Manufacturers identified as money, tactician behind anti-biofuels jihad
Original article at (requires subscription):

Medford pair creating way to use husks for ethanol

A sweet future: using sugar cane for ethanol

Minnesota moves on up (Gov. increase biodiesel mandate)

Environmental Defense Fund and Florida Wildlife Federation launch Faces of Climate Change campaign, feature PetroAlgae, Green Circle BioEnergy (ethanol)

International News

High oil prices fuel Brazil's ethanol boom

Japanese oil industry, govt butt heads over biofuels


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