Friday, May 23, 2008

News and Notes - May 23, 2008

US News

Problems with Congress override of farm bill (Ed: Title III, dealing with trade and food aid was the part left out of the package sent to the White House. The debate now is whether or not the remainder of the bill will go into effect or if the whole thing will need to be resubmitted.)

Release from oil reserve rejected

Sen. Lugar Op-Ed: Energy & Food Security Both Necesssary

BlueFire sees big cellulosic growth in five years

Ethanol and Food Prices - Preliminary Assessment

Baylor Awarded $492,000 to Study Ways to Make Ethanol Cheaper to Produce

General Motors, Discovery Communications Form Media Partnership on First-Ever 24/7 'Green' Network, Planet Green

Ethanol group responds to criticism with statewide radio campaign

UT research into cheap fuel breakthrough (Univ. of Toledo)

BIO analyzes farm bill provisions for advanced biofuels

International News

Evidence that Ethanol Works (Brazil)

UN climate chief says biofuels necessary in future

Husky turns to corn at Minnedosa ethanol plant (due to rising wheat costs)

Huge hidden biomass lives deep beneath the oceans

Canadian biofuels help economy, don't have negative impact on food prices

UN rights council targets trade, biofuels in food crisis debate

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