Wednesday, May 21, 2008

News and Notes - May 21, 2008

US News

Wall Street Journal’s “Khosla's Conspiracy”

Vinod Khosla’s letter regarding Wall Street Journal article

Khosla’s Food Vs. Fuel Presentation Script

Anti-ethanol Lobby Launches "Food Before Fuel Campaign"

IA Sen. Grassley Urges GMA Member Company Workers to Voice Disappointment With Ethanol Smear Campaign

New Ethanol Legislation Could Hit Hard

More research needed on cellulosic ethanol: Borlaug

New Trend in Biofuels Has New Risks (Invasive Plants)

Crude's Price Surge Attracts Oil-Field Thieves

Athena Recieves DOE Grant for Ethanol Microbe Research

Minnesota Passes Statewide B20 Mandate

Our opinion: Biofools

AU researchers show off way to turn wood to watts

International News

Don’t blame biofuels for food shortage

EU defends biofuels policy amid rising food prices

Indonesia considering mandatory use of biofuel

Angola: Portuguese investors want to produce sugar cane in Zaire province

First Draft of Oil Palm Genome Completed by Synthetic Genomics Inc and Asiatic Centre for Genome Technology

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