Thursday, May 22, 2008

News and Notes - May 22, 2008

US News

House Overrides Veto of Farm Bill: Glitch May Force Repeat of the Process (Ed: Apparently the House Clerk left off a section of the Farm Bill when it was sent to the President, so they will likely have to start the whole process over again. Since he did not see the whole bill, the veto apparently does not count.)

Crude sets new mark above $135

Global pulpwood prices reached new records in 1Q 2008, according to the Wood Resource Quarterly

Clearing the Air: Outdoor Wood Boilers Face Regulation

Ethanol turmoil a serious threat to some companies,CST-FIN-ethanol22.article

Sununu backs freeze on corn ethanol

Switchgrass varieties currently on trial at four locations in California

Riding the rails

The Genetics of Ethanol Production

1 more biodiesel plant up, running: Annual capacity 10 million gallons at state’s 3rd site (Arkansas)

Corn grown for ethanol feeds feud over food: Detroit automakers may have to shift focus as voices rise against biofuel

Skyrocketing Oil Prices Stump Experts

And in a true, but humorous story…..
Molson Coors will fuel DNC vehicles with ethanol from waste beer

International News

Raven Partners With Spectrum Energy to Develop Biofuels in British Columbia, Canada

Energy crops take a roasting (A new process to improve combustion)

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