Thursday, September 11, 2008

News and Notes - Sept. 11, 2008

Feature Article

Crist endorses ethanol plant to replace U.S. Sugar mill (Coskata in Florida)

This is an interesting article in more ways than just a cellulosic ethanol plant in Florida (which is big news on its own). It is a huge, multibillion dollar deal by the state to purchase the US Sugar Co. lands. However, what I find more interesting in the article are the small details about Coskata’s technology. Granted, sugarcane baggase is different than normal cellulosic materials, Coskata is claiming that once their demonstration plant in Pennsylvania opens, they’ll be making ethanol for $1 per gallon. That’s a lofty target. They also indicate that by squeezing the sugarcane leaf material, they will produce “extra water for South Florida” instead of being a net consumer.

UTBI-related News

UT’s Big Bet On Biofuels

Tennessee researchers study switchgrass bale storage

US News

Reap that Residue: Corn residue is there for the taking (Vermeer introduces new stover baler and cob collector equipment)

New plant offers foothold on Gulf Coast for biodiesel

OPEC's September Surprise

Ethanol Subsidies: Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

Ethanol's redemption? Distillers grain may ease food fears

Staying on Track: Transporting ethanol safely via rail begins at the ethanol plant or terminal.

Study: Creating global biofuels industry could be difficult

Bunge executive criticizes ethanol mandate

Battle simmers over ethanol blending

Woody Biomass Removal Case Studies (Forest Guild)

Chesapeake Bay Watershed states study cellulosic ethanol

State awards $14M to E’burg ethanol plant: Iowa Power Fund behind Poet Biorefining grant

Broad Coalition Encourages Pelosi to Advance E85 Fuel Infrastructure

Sustainable Power Corp. Capable of Generating Electricity From Its Raw Biocrude Utilizing Texas Power Systems' Generators

Partners celebrate opening of biomass plant (24MW plant in AZ)

UOP LLC Partners With Ensyn Corp. to Offer Equipment and Technology to Convert Biomass to Oil For Power, Heating, and Transportration Fuels

International News

Cabinet sets new biofuel target, risks food price row (India)

Biofuel boom profiting corporations, not locals: activists
(Friends of the Earth Report is available here:

UNICA Critiques Friends of the Earth Report for Use of Inaccurate and Outdated Information (Brazil)

EU lawmakers propose lowered biofuels target

IDB Biofuels Sustainability Scorecard

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