Monday, September 22, 2008

News and Notes - Sept. 22, 2008

Feature Article

No. 200 on the Horizon (200th commercial ethanol plant)

An interesting blog post on the development of the corn ethanol industry in the United States over the last few years.

UTBI-related News

Biorefinery cited as a reason Knoxville moved up the Best Cities list

Quest on for perfect energy crop (Australian News Article includes UTBI information)

US News

Revised Senate 'Gang of 20' proposal won't be debated immediately'Gang-of-20'-proposal-won't-be-debated-immediately/

Danisco and Goodyear to develop Bioisoprene

The American Farmer, Friend or Foe

U.S. ethanol makers lose money as Ike cuts demand

Biofuel operations take root in Florida (Sweet Sorghum plants)

Renew Energy Resources, TDF partner to produce biodiesel in New York

EU, US diverging on biofuel policy?

A novel chemistry to make fuel from sugar

Cellulosic Ethanol Using Gasification-Fermentation

Utahns hurt by rush to ethanol

In Massachusetts, a 330,000 facts, 5,000 page digital resource for the biofuels industry, referencing 45,000 reports and articles, has been constructed and published by Garbrook Knowledge Resources

ISU breaks ground on biorenewables laboratory

New Ethanol Ad Campaign

No quick resolution to food versus fuel debate

Panda Ethanol terminates General Contractor for Ethanol Plant in Hereford TX; Company To Mangage Remaining Construction

Biodiesel Trade Wars

International News

EU biofuel panic threatens planet - Brazil envoy

Scientists Apply to Plant GM Trees for Biofuels Research (UK)

Ramsar parties' draft to call for environmental assessment of biofuels

Sumitomo Plans Brazil Ethanol Venture on Renewable Fuel Demand (Japan)

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