Wednesday, September 3, 2008

News and Notes - Sept. 3, 2008

Feature Article

Ford testing ethanol injection with Ecoboost

This gives a more in-depth review of the new Ford engines (as reported earlier that are under development. Apparently a new generation of the Ecoboost uses ethanol directly injected into the fuel/air mixture, cooling the chamber and making combustion more efficient. Ford says the injection/turbo engine gets better gas mileage than the earlier Ecoboost. This would be a potential boon for the struggling automaker.

US News

SD senator: GOP call to end ethanol mandate wrong

U.S. Republicans break with Bush on ethanol

Brazil sees WTO ethanol case against U.S. soon

Novel Fungus Helps Beetles to Digest Hard Wood

Ethanol: Can it blend in?

Assessing the Alternatives

From missteps on biofuels and wind, it's clear a lack of leadership is the nation's real energy crisis

Commercial biodiesel, the nation's cash

Ethanol plan scrapped, but biodiesel may replace it (FL)

Tweaking corn genes to boost biofuel yields

Ethanol producer has burning ambition (SC)

Want fries with that fuel? City zoners OK biodiesel company (PA),0,124088.story

Kansas corn growers, EPIC, serve up new ethanol blends

New algae fuel alchemy gets $3M

Alternative fuel refinery eyeing site on Miami River

Changing Locomotion in Midstream: California’s Ethanol Mandate (Part 1)

International News

Saving trees first in the fight to reduce emissions need not cost the earth

German bioethanol firm cuts output on (due to) imports

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