Monday, September 8, 2008

News and Notes - Sept. 8, 2008

Feature Article

Wood pellet sales take off as demand rises, supply tightens

This article looks at the demand for wood home heating pellets in the northern US. Demand is increasing and supply is decreasing. Prices are nearing $200/ton for the materials. It is still cheaper to use wood pellets ( a 50-60% decrease in cost) than using petroleum fuels or natural gas.

US News

Can't See the Forest for the Biofuels

Converting waste to fuel good idea

Gulf Ethanol to Host Fortune 100 Energy Company{B5E3D499-FB31-4039-82BF-7D8C617639C7}&dist=hppr

Biomass officials provide details (Power plant in Texas)

Beetles That Break Down Wood Might Provide Key to Biofuel Research

Wal-Mart donates to Arkansas State University for cellulosic ethanol research

Jackson County biodiesel firm gets federal funds (GA)

Northern Ethanol to build New York plant

John McCain has found a loophole when discussing energy

New enzyme technology allows use of key biofuel by-product in poultry rations

Chrysler announces 2009 FFV lineup

International News

Africa Becoming a Biofuel Battleground,1518,576548,00.html

Ontarians split over doubling ethanol in gas: Poll

Who benefits from the thrust on bio-fuels?

Ethanol plant will produce more than fuel (Canada)

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