Thursday, September 18, 2008

News and Notes - Sept. 18, 2008

Feature Article

Inside the Future of Electric Cars, Hydrogen and Next-Gen Biofuels

Popular Mechanics takes a comprehensive looked at the future of vehicles and the fuel they depend upon.

US News

Georgia utility to build biomass-fueled power plants

Green Recovery: A New Program to Create Good Jobs and Start Building a Low-Carbon Economy

Harkin, Luger introduce FFV legislation

Caterpillar Approves Use of B20 Biodiesel for Compact and Mid-Range Industrial Engines

Ethanol makers hit by cash crunch

Biofuels production plays to U.S. Strengths

Scrapping U.S. biofuel mandate seen unlikely

Planned Pennsylvania Ethanol Plant Considering Switch From Corn to Barley

Researchers work to use biotech to advance alternative fuel solutions (Michigan)

Biodiesel, Ethanol & Wind Facing Uphill Battle on the Hill

Frost & Sullivan Present Range Fuels 2008 North American Alternative Fuels Technology Innovation Green Excellence of the Year Award

House votes to expand drilling nearer most of U.S. Coastline

DuPont VP Cites Alignment of Scientific Innovation and Market Focus as Keys to Success in GM and Biofuels Ventures

Gulf Ethanol Up and Running Following Loss of Power Services Due to Hurricane Ike

Biodiesel Tank Explodes in Gadsden (Alabama)

Making Plastic From Sugar

International News

Woodchips to provide steam for Genencor plant

Sekab to Invest $300 Million in Ethanol Plant in Tanzania

Liebherr-Rental Aims at Forestry and Biomass Production with New Specialist Excavator Attachment

Italy biodiesel to push ahead despite EU doubt

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