Thursday, September 25, 2008

News and Notes - Sept. 25, 2008

Feature Article

Chernobyl clean up to be helped by biofuels sector

An interesting article on the Belarus government’s plan to use biomass production to reduce the radioactivity of the Chernobyl site. It is projected that the project could remove radioactivity from 50,000 square kilometers in 20-40 years, while producing biofuels on land that does not compete with food crops.

UTBI-related News

Transportation center eyed in Tennessee valley

US News

Duke developing biomass plants

RISI biomass study finds government mandates could lead to over-harvesting of forests

Brasher: Corn, soybean supply on brink of shortages

High corn prices create huge losses in ethanol industry

Lawmakers to Let Offshore-Drilling Ban Expire

ACE proposes temporary E15 waiver

U.S. Senate extends renewable energy tax credits

EPA releases Google Earth-based interactive web database of solar, wind, biomass opportunities on contaminated land

Algenol takes fresh approach to ethanol production{E36349E5-0713-4468-A8BA-FE5DBA1ADF0C}&dist=msr_2

Tyson exec: Ethanol to blame for rise in food

Minnesota's biofuel pioneers learn about cellulosic ethanol

New Research Supports Ethanol Production

Avoiding Ethanol

DOE energy official: Ethanol benefit 'not insignificant'

Snohomish County dedicates new biodiesel facility (WA Canola)

International News

Austrian study: heating with biomass remains two-thirds cheaper than heating oil – households save 1800 Euros per year, sector creates thousands of jobs

B.C.'s ethanol standards for gasoline a mistake: scientists

Maple Energy ups Peru ethanol project budget to around $222 million

Gushan Resumes Beijing Operations Following Completion of 2008 Olympics{BD7B53D9-B20E-4B02-8283-4D2B7FEF3A94}&dist=hppr

India BPCL JV to invest $480mln in biodiesel-paper (jatropha)

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