Friday, August 22, 2008

News and Notes - August 21, 2008

Feature Article

Georgia Ethanol Plant Progress (Range Fuels)

An update on the progress in Soperton, GA and interview with the Range Fuels senior vice president.

UTBI-related news

Fueling the Debate

US News

The word on ethanol is waste not want not

Blue Sun Biodiesel is Inc. 500's Fastest Growing Biodiesel Provider{D2A7A3F3-A5CF-4BD7-9F06-5694010DCF67}&dist=hppr

Congressman Boswell pushes for ethanol pipeline

Public, private forest interests urge senators to change energy law

U.S. Senate Ag Committee discusses ethanol

New catalyst boosts hydrogen as transport fuel

Scientists Warn Against Sudden Shift to Biofuels; Climate May be Harmed, not Helped

New Law Means New Labels for Biodiesel Pumps

Gasoline Prices Continue 34-Day Decline Across U.S.; Average Now $3.717

REG’s technology can produce biodiesel from algae

Carbon dioxide sequestration via algae biofuels: an overview

International News

New Brazilian ethanol company Cluster de Bionergia to invest $1.8 billion in four Brazilian ethanol mills

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