Friday, August 22, 2008

News and Notes - August 22, 2008

Feature Article

Struggling forestry companies bet on biofuel boom

This article covers discussions held at the recent Reuters Summit on Biotechnology. It reviews some of the larger worldwide forest products companies efforts related to bioenergy production. It’s an interesting summary of the changes and positive impacts the biofuels industry could have on this companies.

US News

Ag secretary: Biofuels good for farmers, security

USDA, China sign biofuels agreement

Energy Politics Proving Difficult to Master

Don't Be Cornfused About Ethanol, Subsidies, Prices

NCSU gets grant to research ethanol from trees

Study analyzes biomass industry’s impact on wood prices

OSU given $2.4M to study cellulosic biofuel crops

Purdue report: Switching to biodiesel benefits Indianapolis buses

Biomass: A Question of Wood, Not Could

Harkin visits for update on algae ethanol project

Renewable Energy Group Develops Scalable Technology for Producing and Refining Large Quantities of Algal Biodiesel

International News

Brazil: Biofuel projects do not affect food production or Amazon, report say

India - 10% ethanol blending unlikely by October

Petrobras inaugurates Quixada biodiesel plant

Brazilian President Lobbies for Using Less Soy to Produce Biodiesel

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