Friday, August 29, 2008

News and Notes - August 29, 2008

*** BioNews will not be published Monday Sept. 1 or Tuesday Sept. 2. Apologies for any inconveniences.***

US News

Lignol Corporation to build cellulosic ethanol plant in Grand Junction (CO)

Covanta Announces Acquisition of Two Biomass Energy Facilities in Maine

Purdue University Researchers Study Genetics of Cell Wall Generation to Develop More Productive Celulosic Biofuel Feedstocks

59 percent of biofuel execs believe US mandates will be repealed or reduced, survey finds

US ethanol replaced about 2.6% of gasoline demand

Ag Secretary Says Ethanol Mandate Benefits Far Outweigh Negatives

Monthly Ethanol Production in the US’sResearch&PID=f1ba0343-51ed-4a77-881c-298603bd80b9

Inside Obama's green plan for energy and the economy

DOE Awards National Laboratories $7 Million to Accelerate Clean Energy Technologies

Golden image of corn-based ethanol shows some erosion

Wisconsin Natural Resources Dept. Approves Permit for United Ethanol to Installl Thermal Oxidizer for Air Quality Control at Milton Ethanol Plant

Pacific Ethanol: Market Growth and Increase in Production to the Rescue

Ethanol terminal sells for $46.5M

77% favour biodiesel: US survey

Unintended effects of the ethanol law

Green Energy Resources Announces Stock Buy Back

Three new reports are now available from BBI International for purchase

International News

Canfor plans new residue energy plant

Scientists achieve chemical breakthrough that converts sawdust into biofuel (China converts lignin into alkanes and alcohols)

Major Taiwan Firms to Step Into Bio-ethanol Production

Government ambiguity over E85 policy (Thailand)

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