Wednesday, August 13, 2008

News and Notes - August 13, 2008

Feature Article

Tennessee farm acreage up to record values

The value of Tennessee farm land continues to rise. Values for farms increased by 7% in 2007. Crop and pasture land values increased during the same time frame. Cropland rental rates declined slightly while pasture rental rates increased. Commodity prices, interest rates, and other sources of this increased are discussed. This article is a good look at the state of farm values in Tennessee.

UTBI-related News

Switchgrass For Energy Will Take Time

US News

VeraSun CEO Sees Coming Nationwide Rollout Of Ethanol

Michigan State to Create Genomic Clearinghouse for Biofuel Crops

Improved Reaction Data Heat Up The Biofuels Harvest

A New Environment for Biofuels

Ethanol producer Biofuel Energy in trouble over losses

Sunnier Forecast for Corn and Soybean Harvest

Unexpected bumper crops unlikely to give much relief

Is It Ethanol? Corn Harvest Up, Prices Too

Irrational policy: Ethanol requirements are all about politics and little about energy or the environment

Beginning of the Blender Pumps

The Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels Announces Version Zero of their Sustainability Standard

International News

Biofuels: the sweet smell of power  (Brazil’s quest for energy independence)

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