Friday, August 15, 2008

News and Notes - August 15, 2008

Feature Article

Hurdles to blending more ethanol remain;jsessionid=1DDOK5WQLTV2HQFIBQNSAOQ?storyid=/templatedata/ag/story/data/1218808591342.xml

This article looks at the approval hurdles that must be crossed to get higher blends of ethanol approved (above E10). Minnesota has already requested EPA allow E20. NOX emissions are the concerns from burning E20 in unmodified vehicles. With only E10, EPA estimates that by 2013, the ethanol market will be saturated.

US News

New Poll Shows that Americans Prefer Clean Energy

VeraSun Energy Announces Startup of Hartley, Iowa, Ethanol Biorefinery

Shell and Iogen announce extended alliance to accelerate a next generation biofuel

More US States Cooking Up Renewable Energy Incentives

Corn growing in popularity: Ethanol is spurring demand; price is triple what it was two years ago

RFA: Despite Drop in Grain Prices, Inflation Continues to Rise Due to the Cost of Petroleum

Waste-to-fuel firm Changing World files for IPO

Republicans seek to repeal ethanol mandate (Oregon)

McCain’s energy plan doesn’t include biofuels

Amyris Biotechnologies tacks on $21M for biofuel development

International News

Sustainable Development Technology Canada Calls for Applications to its $500-Million NextGen Biofuels Fund

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