Monday, August 4, 2008

News and Notes - August 4, 2008

Feature Article

USDA will not release CRP acres penalty free

In a decision that has been anticipated for a while, the USDA decided not to allow CRP acres to be withdrawn from the program without penalty. The article gives a clear overview of how the decision was reached. Reasons for it included the new Farm Bill’s reduction in CRP acreage (cap down by almost 7 million acres), current size of corn crop, and a recent court case that cited the USDA for lack of environmental impact statements for changes made to hay and grazing lands. An EIS for CRP lands would be much more complicated.

US News

Ethanol industry looking up (corn futures are down),0,4924275.story

Gaps in the Research of 2nd Generation Transportation Biofuels (A report by IEA and DOE)

(North Carolina) Ethanol plant moving forward

GM offers “seed-to-tank” look at biomass-based ethanol

U.S. sugar trade says ethanol not a savior, Doha unhelpful

Company May Build Facility for Algae Biofuel in Las Cruces

The cellulosic ethanol leaders of the future

Tjiong grass, cross of elephant grass and sugar cane, seen as potential energy crop

Ford Offers New Flex-Fuel Vehicles in 2009

International News

What's the next stop after Geneva (trade talks failure)

Oil prices and climate change fuel green gold rush

India’s national biodiesel “mission” shelved

GreenGold Ray Energies Expands Jatropha Plantations for Increased Biodiesel Oil Productions

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