Monday, August 11, 2008

News and Notes - August 11, 2008


Feature Article

Ford delays smaller F-100 pickup, focuses on EcoBoost powertrains

The “ecoboost” powertrains that Ford is developing could have a significant impact on the truck market. Using dual injectors, fuel mileage can increase by 40-50%, significant by any standard, but especially so in a market dominated by 20 mpg or less vehicles. By blending ethanol and gasoline in the motor, the engine can optimize combustion. This development is what I hope is a promising view into the future for at least one of our domestic automakers.

US News

E.P.A. Declines to Reduce the Quota for Ethanol in Cars

Corn, Soybeans Plunge as Commodities Slump on Dollar's Rally

Bipartisan Energy Proposal Offered in Senate; Summit Set for September

ADM's Ethanol Enthusiasm

Archer Daniels Midland spent $330,000 in second quarter lobbying on farm bill, ethanol

Energy Subsidy Dreams

Obama addresses oil addiction

Carbon dioxide sources and ethanol: second in a Biofuels Digest series on CO2 markets

Joint Statement on Brazil-United States Energy Meeting

AE Biofuels to Opencellulosic Ethanol Demonstration Plant (MT)

Eco-Energy to Purchase 100% of Production From Wilmington (NC) Biodiesel Plant

Breakthrough in cheaper biofuel production from cellulose (cellulose to fufural)

EPA: Corn ethanol is awesome! The discredited agency upholds the biofuel mandate

Rush to ethanol is doing more harm than good

Midland man's biodiesel processors now sold worldwide

E85: The ethanol blend appears to be stalling (MN)

Biodiesel buses measure up to petroleum versions

Algae: Biofuel of the Future?

International News

Ethanol Plant Calls Belle Plaine Home (55 mgy wheat plant officially opens in Saskatchewan)

Mexico & Agaves: Moving from Tequila to Ethanol

Farm waste biofuel ‘can beat oil crisis’ (Austrailia)

Bid to plant genetically-modified trees in UK

Kasane sugar cane plantation not feasible (Botswana rejects 10,000 acre refinery project due to environmental concerns)

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