Monday, July 28, 2008

News and Notes - July 28, 2008

Feature Article

Termite Bellies and Biofuels

This article is a nice in-depth look at some research underway looking at termite stomachs and the enzymes they contain. These “walking bioreactors” as the researcher calls them contain extremely efficient enzymes that release sugars from the materials these insects eat. These enzymes hold lots of potential for commercial development of efficient cellulosic technologies. We have some research underway here at the University of Tennessee that is also looking at termite enzymes. Dr. Juan Jurat Fuentes is heading that effort through a Sun Grant funded research program.

UTBI-related News

Tennessee Biofuels project Boosts Knoxville's Innovation Valley

VW Execs Impressed By Switchgrass Into Biofuel Effort

National News

US presses ahead with biofuel law, despite opposition from Texas: New legislation would make 80 per cent of vehicles capable of being run on biofuels

Ethanol carries huge costs to the environment, people

Boosting Cellulosic Biofuels

Sprucing Up Wood Waste

USDA Expert Warns Against Harvesting Wheat Residue

How Free Trade Can Help Solve the Energy Crisis

GMO Crops May Help End Food-Versus-Fuel Debate, Monsanto Says

Renewable Chemicals Corporation Will Use Sugar Cane Ethanol to Manufacture Renewable Chemicals

WATER: Oil companies see opportunity in another precious commodity

Postal Service Wants To Green 90% Of Fleet

Neighbor campaigns for LYCO 1 ethanol plan (Public support for ethanol project!)

Dalton (GA) Utilities to Start Producing Biodiesel From Algae

Ethanol plant aims for October start-up (POET Ohio)

Liquid Maize halts ethanol plant construction, cites financing

Man uses canola seeds to produce biodiesel fuel (NC)

International News

EU proposes annual import of 1.4 mln tons of ethanol from Brazil

Petrobras Opens Biofuel Unit to Oversee $1.5 Billion Investment

India votes for national energy security

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