Wednesday, July 23, 2008

News and Notes - July 22, 2008

US News

U.S. Sens. Harkin & Lugar: Introduce Bill That Would Help Create Ethanol Pipeline

Auto Industry Redesigns Engines While Ethanol Debate Rages

Senators outraged over EPA meeting with Perry on RFS

Ethanol plant construction at a standstill, but plans remain

Catawba Co, NC and Appalachian State University to open Biodiesel Research Center

Biofuels Proof of Concept Study on Producing Cellulosic Ethanol from Pelleted Forage Crops Nets K-State Team

Senator Visits Growers, Stresses Support for Corn Ethanol

Ethanol Could Use Some Friends Right Now

Milwaukee council considers resolution against ethanol

SEC files complaint against Natchez biofuels company

Interview transcript with Ken Powell, chairman and chief executive officer, General Mills discussing food price inflation

International News

FAO debuts world soil database to identify carbon sink, biomass cultivation opportunities

Samsung Group to develop biodiesel in Indonesia

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