Monday, July 7, 2008

News and Notes - July 3, 2008

*BioNews will not be published, Friday, July 4, 2008 in recognition of Independence Day*

Feature Article

Each day, I plan to feature an article that is interesting, pertinent, or otherwise important. I’ll give the title and link as well as a brief synopsis of the article. Since today is the last working day before the holiday, I thought I would feature a more humorous article.

Prince of Wales converts to waste oil biodiesel, wine ethanol

What would James Bond think? Fueling an Aston Martin on wine? I believe he would have some concern about the wine being improperly used! Seriously, Prince Charles is taking the green movement to heart and is using both ethanol and biodiesel in his personal vehicles.

US News

ConocoPhillips Signs Research Agreement With Colorado Center for Biorefining and Biofuels

Stop requiring ethanol production,0,537121.story

Ill-conceived rush to ethanol

Poverty: 260m driven into hunger by push for biofuel – ActionAid

EPA considers requests on easing ethanol rules

Perry-led group got $100,000 before waiver request (Donation related to Texas RFS Waiver request?)

Brazil launches campaign to remove ethanol tariff

U.S. urged to import, not make, ethanol

UDSA Report: Corn Acreage Down 7%, Soybean Acreage up 17%

Emerging Cellulosic Ethanol Industry Could Prove to Be Boon for Forestry

Biofuel Backtalk

Energy policy is key issue in Minn. Senate race

From Wood Waste to Renewable Energy: Western Report Shows Success and Obstacles

Power Plays: The latest on alternative-energy deals from Dow Jones Clean Technology Investor

Pricey Chemicals Gleaned From Biodiesel Waste (Rice University research)

Valcent says lab results show up to 33,000 gallons per acre in algae production; harvesting, extraction, algae strain optimization research still ahead

Demonstration of Mechanized Harvesting & Bundling of Invasive Juniper

Gas Stations Reject Ethanol Blends

Promoting Ethanol Fuel Misguided; Environmental Benefits Uncertain and Costs High: C.D. Howe Institute

Volney (NY) plant says it's close to making ethanol

Legislation to implement biodiesel standard dies in Missouri

International News

Hydrated ethanol gasoline makes debut in southwestern Kunming City

Latin American leaders agree to analyze biofuels issues

Brazil's Dedini sells four ethanol plants to PDVSA (Venezuela)

EU biofuel change could cut investment-French firm

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