Monday, July 14, 2008

News and Notes - July 14, 2008

Feature Article

The Man Who Dared to Question Ethanol

This article looks at the recent Keith Collins report and his transformation from the USDA Chief Economist for the Bush Administration, to an industry analyst. It focuses on the results of his report and how USDA is now defending itself from his findings.

UTBI-related News

University of Tennessee to break ground on biorefinery this year

Dr. Tiller: State Well On Its Way To Developing "Grassahol"

Dr. Kelly Tiller Speaks On Biofuels Initiative At Kiwanis, Engineers Clubs

US News

ABF, Mascoma to develop cellulosic ethanol

Project would produce ethanol at Boise mill (Mascoma)
More....... Northern Minn. mill could help make ethanol, too

My plan to escape the grip of foreign oil (T. Boone Pickens)

Making Hay From Woody Waste

The Man Who Dared to Question Ethanol

GM, Governors Will Work to Expand Ethanol Distribution in U.S.

Governors Talk Of Moving Beyond Corn-based Ethanol

Time for Second Thoughts on the Ethanol Mandate

Aviation industry examines alternative fuels

U.S. Transportation Secretary Mary Peters Announces FAA Grant to the X PRIZE Foundation to Spur Renewable Aviation Fuels and Technologies

Pennsylvania Governor Rendell Signs Biofuels Development and Incentives Acts to Strengthen National Security, Spur Economic Development

SDG&E Adds Biomass Energy From Northern California

Energy official frowns on cutting back ethanol

NBPA, Alabama company to produce biofuel

Study: Biofuel production may affect climate

Iowa researchers study ground cover, corn

International News

Canada's Harper Says Biofuels Not Main Cause of Food Inflation

India gets serious about cellulosic ethanol: Special Biofuels Digest report

FAO to make “the Challenges of Climate Change and Bioenergy” the focus of World Food Day activities

Indonesia, Brazil say to cooperate on biofuel

Greed and dogma fertilize food crisis

China gives go-ahead for three biodiesel plants

Kenya court halts $370m sugar, biofuels project

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