Monday, July 21, 2008

News and Notes - July 21, 2008

Feature Article

Heard the One About the Farmer’s Ethanol?

This article is a review of the book “Gusher of Lies” which focuses on the myths of energy independence. It makes note of several of the author’s key arguments in refuting the ideas of energy independence. The one that caught my attention was how automakers, when calculating mileage for their flexfuel vehicles, “artificially” inflate gas mileage using ethanol. It related to gasoline being considered in absence of ethanol and without the amount of ethanol added into the equation. I don’t take these things at face value and will research this, but this is a line of thought I had not seen before.

US News

Energy Information Administration Annual Energy Outlook 2008 Report

Biofuel for the flames: Are biofuels a core solution? (by Joe Romm, former Assistant Secretary for Energy)

Perry draws environmentalist support on ethanol stand

RFA: OECD Report on Biofuels Confirms Higher Oil Prices Largest Contributor to HIgh Grain Prices

Time for ethanol to defend self, say officials

$4 Gallon Gas: Burden or Emergency?

With Government and Industry Support, Hydrogen Vehicles Could Reduce U.S. Oil Use and Emissions

Municipal waste to produce ethanol by 2011 (AR)

Willow biomass experiment, now in year two, looks promising

Poll shows support for ethanol

Pellet stoves efficient, but becoming scarce

Bio-Diesel Company Calls Nebraska Home (60 mgy)

DRI and university work on biomass conversion process

Industrial Biotechnology: Development and Adoption by the U.S. Chemical and Biofuel Industries (A Report)

International News

New Biodiesel for UK cars (B30)

Rubbish idea that could make driving cheaper

Reliance’s new biofuel business model to provide fuel with food

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