Friday, July 18, 2008

News and Notes - July 18, 2008

Feature Article

OPEC's sheiks must think Americans are stupid's+sheiks+must+think+Americans+are+stupid&articleId=99df355b-cedf-44eb-8bf1-66b277bd3262

This opinion piece takes OPEC and its comments of the last month to task. My favorite line in the article is “They say we live in an Information Age but where energy is concerned it's more like a Disinformation Age.” This is a sentiment that a lot of us have felt over the last year or so. The author notes the potential of science and new developments contributing to our future energy independence. The article is an obvious jab at OPEC and one that is likely well deserved.

US News

Gore sets energy goal for 2018

McCain Says Ethanol Important, But Doesn't Support Subsidies

Whirlwind Created By Biofuels Is Good Chaos

Fuel cell cars still 15 years away at best-study

Governors talk of moving beyond corn-based ethanol

NGA receives DOE funds to enact energy policies

USDA to Hold Public Hearing July 22 on Biopreferred Labeling Program

New poll shows public supports ethanol

Corn prices threaten ethanol

Shaping Oklahoma’s Renewable Energy Future

BioFuel Begins Shipping Ethanol (NE and MN)

International News

China Hainan Yedao to Build Fuel Ethanol Plant

Biodiesel plant already in demand (Austrailia)

Mozambique clears $280 mln cane-based ethanol plant

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