Wednesday, July 9, 2008

News and Notes - July 9, 2008

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Feature Article

All about the Pickens Plan

Billionaire oil man T. Bone Pickens is putting his money where his mouth is and has launched an aggressive new campaign aimed at getting this country off oil. His plan focuses mostly on wind and natural gas, but includes other sources of biofuels and bioenergy as well. He promotes the use of natural gas as a vehicle fuel and using wind to produce the necessary electricity for the country. By producing electricity from wind, we can shift the current natural gas used to produce electricity (22% of all US electricity) to vehicles. His plan also recognizes the investment and problems that the plan will need to face. Upgrading power grids, footing the multibillion dollar bills and other obstacles remain. In ten years, his plan projects that we could reduce our oil imports by 1/3, solely with natural gas and wind.

US News

Cleveland, Tennessee Based Kudzu Ethanol Preparing For Production

South Carolina Bioenergy Research Collaborative plans to build pilot cellulosic facility in Aiken

Poplar trees hold promise for fuel

U.S. Joins G-8 Plan To Halve Emissions U.S. Joins G-8 Plan To Halve Emissions

Florida entrepreneur launches plan for 120 million gallon sugarcane ethanol operation on former US Sugar land

High energy prices bringing revolution to American agriculture

Green Solution To Biofuel Production: Enzymes From Plants

No corn for oil

Pique Oil: Big Ethanol, Sick of Criticism, Lashes Out at Big Oil

Ethanol plant planned for Union County (South Carolina Barley-based Plant)

Mascoma advances plans for Michigan plant

Michael Pollan on What's Wrong with Environmentalism (discusses biofuels)

Switchgrass sprouts as biofuel replacement

UMass researchers find ultrasonic energy converts cellulose to sugar four times faster

International News

Top (China) govt official defends nation's biofuel thrust

High oil, food prices threaten global economy: G8

EU calls UK biofuel report 'one-sided'

GM (genetically modified crops) push will be hard to resist: Burke

UK blamed over Mumias Sugar’s Tana delta row

Colombia finds biofuels bonanza in sugar cane

Govt’s subsidy-based biofuel programme set to take shape (India)

Ethiopia: Al Amoudi's Firm to Secure Large Plot for Bio-Fuel

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