Friday, July 18, 2008

News and Notes - July 17, 2008

Feature Article

Recent Study by ARS Researchers Suggest That Switchgrass May be Better for Your Soil

This article takes an interesting look at an ARA study relating the amount of glomalin, a sugar-protein, in switchgrass to the potential erodibility of soils. The more glomalin a soil contains, the less likely that soil is to erode. The study found that as plants formed a symbiotic relationship with fungi in the soil, glomalin levels rose. This increase was most pronounced under native warm season grasses like switchgrass. Glomalin also stores carbon and adds to soil fertility. The article also links to the ARS study.

US News

Switchgrass as fuel touted for energy, cost benefits

Dow and NREL Partner to Convert Biomass to Ethanol and Other Chemical Building Blocks

Biofuel Subsidies to More Than Double to $25 Billion, OECD Says

Long energy crisis ahead, former policymakers warn

Speculating About an Oil "Bubble"

North Dakota ethanol industry having rough year

International Institute for Ecological Agriculture Finds Motorists Across the Country are Switching to Ethanol

EPA’s Answer to Governor Perry’s RFS Waiver Request Already on the Books

More corn seen increasing 'dead zones',0,7935679.story

Homegrown corn flows as ethanol at GPRE facility (Iowa)

International News

World Biofuel Leaders to OPEC: Who Are You Trying to Kid?

World Bank biofuel report is part of a position paper

FAO plans new Global Forest Resources Assessment; will monitor deforestation and forest growth with gateway to imagery and data

Brazilian Sugarcane Industry: OECD Report Confirms Overall Benefits of Brazilian Sugarcane Ethanol

Mozambique gov't approves giant ethanol plant (planting 18,000 hectares of sugarcane)

Canadian Green Fuels announces potential $20M deal (biodiesel)

Special Biofuels Digest Report on the new $2500 Tata car (India, Biodiesel ready)

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