Thursday, June 12, 2008

News and Notes - June 12, 2008

US News

Government: Ethanol helps keep gas prices low

U.S. biofuels industry presses for tax breaks

BP says oil industry did not prepare for high demand

Energy Dept.: Gas Prices To Stay High

Algenol trains algae to turn carbon into ethanol

Retuning Bacteria: Gene-silencing techniques for bacteria could mean more-efficient biofuel production

Baucus-Backed Measure In Limbo After Failed Cloture Vote (Credits and Incentives for biodiesel, solar, clean coal and other technologies)

Coskata Raising Cash to Scale Up Next-Gen Ethanol

Planting of switchgrass plot in Panhandle begins

USDA Official Supports Ethanol

WASDE: USDA raises projections for soybean prices

Cottondale plant cranks out biofuel (Florida Wood Pellet Plant)

Arizona's Largest Renewable Energy Plant Commences Commercial Operations

International News

Biofuels should run on solar energy not on taxpayers dollars

Worldwide trade of wood pellets reached a record three million tons in 2007

Peruvian biofuel producer starts jatropha nursery

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