Wednesday, June 11, 2008

News and Notes - June 11, 2008

US News

Food-related industries launch anti-biofuel campaign (“Food before Fuel”)

Biofuels not the reason for rising food prices

Oil consumption forecasts cut as prices surge

ICGA and IRFA Expose Trickery of Anti-Ethanol Critics

Raven Plans to Build Biorefinery to Produce Cellulosic Ethanol From Wood Waste in Washington State

Alabama plant to begin producing ethanol from waste wood

Fibrowatt chooses N.C. Biomass plant site (Poultry Litter for 40MW of power)

Ethanol Vs. Methanol

Biotech pros press algae into biodiesel production

Biofuels burn bright in Oregon's future

U.S. Corn Crop May Drop 10% as Yields Fall, USDA Says (Update1)

Plant Fuel Demand Puts Premium on Camelina Crop

BlueFire Ethanol bets on household trash

International News

OECD official urges that biofuel subsidies be scrapped

King Corn wins battle at UN

Suppliers ready for E85 fuel, but pricing still an issue (Thailand)

Stanley Ho and Ferro Ribeiro’s Geocapital focuses on biofuels

The toxic 'wonder plant' that split world food summit (Jatropha)

Crude inferno ignites biodiesel interest (India)

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