Thursday, June 19, 2008

News and Notes - June 19, 2008

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US News

Knoxville (TN) ethanol company pulls plug on proposed Illinois plants

Bio-initiative looking for ‘a few good farmers’ (Memphis BioWorks Foundation)

McCain calls for building 45 new nuclear reactors

Economists, Environmentalists, and Food Industry Experts Urge EPA to Roll Back RFS

Green power firm picks Lamar; expected to go online in 2011 (50 MW plant to be built in GA) (Scroll about halfway down)

Frontline teams with Fagen

Biodiesel standard nearing reality

The Economic Impact of the Missouri E-10 Ethanol Mandate

Ethanol Plant Closings May Accelerate As Margins Vanish

Gulf Ethanol Unveils New Cellulosic Reduction Technology for Sorghum and Other Biomass Processing

International News

Brazil's Ethanol Exports May Gain From U.S. Floods, Unica Says

Lignol commences construction of major new cellulosic ethanol pilot plant

Israel set to commercialise algae biodiesel production

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