Monday, June 2, 2008

News and Notes - May 28, 2008

US News

Bipartisan Senate group, the Ethanol Six, denounces Grocery Manufacturers “smear campaign” against biofuels

Verenium Begins Commissioning Phase at Demonstration-Scale Cellulosic Ethanol Plant in Jennings, LA

Corn ethanol plant stalls, with sustainability doubts and financing crunch (MI)

Carbon Americans vs. Ethanol Americans

Biofuels: Fungus Use Improves Corn-to-ethanol Process

The World According to Ethanol

Hawaii Governor Lingle Signs Bill To Encourage Biofuel Production

Former state official (NC) pleads guilty to corruption charges (Ed. – took bribes from Agri-Ethanol for permits)

IRL Technical Director Says Good Fuel Mileage Possible wtih Ethanol

International News

D1 Oils faces criticism over 'miracle' jatropha

Lula (Brazil) proposes "global pact" on biofuels

Rice In Your Gas Tank: Boosting Biofuel Production From Rice Straw

Air NZ to test biofuel,23599,23771641-1702,00.html

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