Wednesday, June 18, 2008

News and Notes - June 18, 2008

US News

Remarks by John McCain on Energy Security (Text of Houston speech)

Pelosi Statement in Advance of the President's Anticipated Energy Address Tomorrow (Free Registration Required to View);jsessionid=879BAB9B73D00FF0B8D165B6DC7E16AF.tomcat2?resourceid=3758566&access=RS

US ethanol losses from flooding minimal – industry

RFA: Impact of Flooding on Corn and Ethanol Production Still Unclear, But Last Year's Record Crop Will Help Buffer Losses

US Govt's Options In Potential Corn Crisis Limited

Anaerobic Organisms Key to Coskata’s Rapid Rise

American plant Kudzu is a potential source for obtaining biofuel

Case Approves Use of B20 Biodiesel Blends for Construction Equipment

Florida Farmers Look to Tropical Fruit as Newest Source of Biofuel,2933,367541,00.html

Ethanol Industry Urged to Submit EPA Comments

EPA Recognizes Two Ethanol Facilities in Iowa and Kansas that Demonstrate Exceptional Energy Savings!OpenDocument

Making biodiesel on the farm

Grass: It’s Not Just for Grazing

International News

Human cost of Brazil's biofuels boom,0,5384361.story?track=rss

Rostekhnologia Makes Biofuel In Vietnam

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