Wednesday, June 25, 2008

News and Notes - June 24, 2008

US News

Perry sees harm of ethanol

Texas Governor Rick Perry's ethanol stance stirs up backers, foes

Scientists Across the Nation Counsel California to Regulate Low Carbon Fuel Standard on Hard Data Only and Not on Speculative Indirect Impacts Where No Data or Consensus Exists,445397.shtml

Renewable Energy a 'Finance-driven' Industry

Obama's Evolving Ethanol Rhetoric

Biomaterials Increasingly Driving Investment Interest

Repeal ethanol mandates to ease global food shortage

Butterball cites ethanol policy in local job cuts

Proposed Wilmington (NC) biodiesel plant suspends work

Flooding Continues to Limit Ethanol Production

Syntec drops $250K biomass technology licence fee for grain ethanol producers

Ethanol company forges new plans (FL)

International News

Copersucar eyes rise in Brazil ethanol exports

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