Monday, June 9, 2008

News and Notes - June 9, 2008

US News

In Energy Policy, McCain, Obama Differ on Role of Government

Colombians to make ethanol from sugar (in Louisiana)

Ethanol Stocks Are Poised to Refuel

Ethanol Producers in Trouble as Corn Sets New Record

U.S. bill to cut ethanol tariff going nowhere fast

Gasoline rises above $4 a gallon for first time;_ylt=ApFjrhH1Ll1cAHdwo_hk7J4E1vAI

Ethanol executive still is fired up about fuel alternative

Gov. Henry Signs Bill Funding Oklahoma Bioenergy Center, Strengthens State’s Role in Development of Renewable Energy

International News

Don't blame Brazilian biofuels

GM Holden planning to build smaller vehicle in Australia

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