Monday, June 23, 2008

News and Notes - June 23, 2008

UTBI-related News

UT Reports on Progress of Biofuels Initiative

UT downsizes ethanol project

US News

Obama Camp Closely Linked With Ethanol

John McCain to push new measures to lower auto emissions;_ylt=Am9.mbSyPTQO1H1rZ7HFKcwE1vAI

McCain oil plan relies on Middle East

EPA May Limit Fuels' Greenhouse Emissions

Awash in bad news, makers of ethanol aren't panicking

International Woodfiber Report: Biomass Projects to Be a $1.5 Billion Market By 2012

Pellet Properties (Overview of Pellet Industry)

Cereal Process Technologies, LLC Completes Fractionation Plant Startup Phase

Proposed ethanol plant may make dioxins,dioxins.article

BioFuel Energy starts up Fairmont (MN) ethanol plant

DENSO Begins Evaluating the Use of Biodiesel Fuel to Power Industrial Heat Pump Air Conditioners

Sustaining growing population requires bold changes

UH tests ethanol (sugar cane) waste as animal feed

Dynamic Fuels Secures Preliminary Approval for Bonds Venture by Tyson Foods and Syntroleum to use Louisiana GO Zone Bonds

Abengoa Bioenergy and AEP MEMCO to Move Into New Headquarters in Downtown Chesterfield, MO

Burley ethanol plant shows Idaho's potential for economic opportunity

Stop begging and start drilling

Edgar ethanol-conversion business fueled by air-quality concerns (Company sells flexfuel conversion kits)

International News

China Sharply Raises Energy Prices

Mitsubishi, others eye non-food ethanol fuel plant

Biofuel bill watered down, but still opposed by Nats (New Zealand)

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