Monday, June 16, 2008

News and Notes - June 16, 2008

US News

Biofuels from Switchgrass Offer 540 Percent Return on Energy Inputs (New USDA Study Results)

U.S. House subcommittee discusses biofuels

Report: McCain blasts US corn subsidies, supports Brazil's entry onto UN Security Council

US wants biotech to help solve global food crisis

Quest for Oil: Where to Look Is the Question

When Gas Prices Lead to Roads Less Traveled

Beware of the Allure of Ethanol Investing

Consolidation seen for US biodiesel industry

Researchers at UTA work on turning lignite into oil

Ethanol Maker Delays 2 Midwest Plant Openings (Verasun)

Bio Ethanol and Bio Pharmaceuticals Industries Keep The U.S. Industrial Enzyme Market Afloat

ICM making food along with ethanol: The fuelmaker is adding a process that will make oil and protein for human consumption as part of ethanol production.

Barnett: U.S. sits pretty in global food trade network

Increasing Crop Yield and Commercializing Cellulosic Biofuels are Key to Meeting Demand for Feed, Fiber and Transportation Fuels

International News

Rough ride for bio-fuel options (India)

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