Friday, June 27, 2008

News and Notes - June 27, 2008

UTBI-related News

Tennessee Biofuels Initiative on track to build biorefinery

US News

Food price spike: Is ethanol to blame?

Biofuels Economics: How Many Acres Will Be Needed For Biofuels? Part I

Soybean market prompts search for alternatives

SC passes ethanol law challenged by oil companies

Big Oil challenging South Carolina law

State (MI) races to be 1st big wood ethanol maker

Louisiana Law Promotes Non-Corn Ethanol

Group wants Corzine to ask for ethanol cuts

Schwarzenegger criticizes McCain's offshore drilling proposal,0,1954634.story

General Motors Offers New Model Flex Fuel Vehicles to Better Use E85 Fuel

University of Kentucky's Center for Applied Energy Research to Offer "Biomass to Biofuels" Course

Home ethanol maker gets boost from record oil

International News

Edmonton to use waste for fuel

The Government of Canada Biofuels Bill Receives Royal Assent

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